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Episode 7: Crowdfunding Campaign Success in Under 24 Hours


ForeverSpin is a company that experienced overnight success putting a whole new spin on a centuries-old child’s toy; the spinning top.  As one of Crowdfund Buzz’s own clients, their overnight success got Howard’s attention.

Howard sat down with Vicktor Grabovski, one of ForeverSpin’s founders and partners and talked about their incredible crowdfunding campaign success with an emphasis on their third Kickstarter which exceeded their crowdfunding goal by 700% in under 24 hours.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, Viktor appeared on the wildly popular Canadian TV show Dragon’s Den, the Canadian flavor of Shark Tank just last month.

In this crowdfunding podcast you’ll gain a lot of insights:

  • How ForeverSpin reached 1000% of their funding goal in 48 hours.  This topic has a lot of energy because when we started the podcast the current ForeverSpin crowdfunding campaign had 922 backers.  40 minutes later as we wrapped up the interview, the number of backers climbed to 943.
  • How Viktor and his two partners built a successful company around a traditional children’s toy using Kickstarter as the catalyst.
  • Why Kickstarter is the most efficient way to connect with prior crowdfunding backers.
  • How serial crowdfunding can be utilized to grow sales.  ForeverSpin launched three successful crowdfunding campaigns in less than 24 months. As a result, they made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales as they built their brand and expanded their customer base. Viktor takes you through the history and shares his wisdom behind this trifecta of success.
  • Using a crowdfunding platform as an e-commerce platform all by itself to supplement traditional website sales.
  • Capturing valuable customer feedback via crowdfunding to improve your product and make more sales.
  • Why spending more money on higher quality materials and devoting more attention to little details can make any product much more profitable.
  • How to get on national prime time television to pitch your own product to the world.

This is one of our shortest crowdfunding podcasts to date and yet is packed with crowdfunding success tips and actionable insights that any crowdfunder can put to work.

Check out this blockbuster Kickstarter for yourself.



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