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Episode 5: Kickstarter Success Tips Revealed Step By Step


Lucky Cheeks, a lingerie company based in Germany sources their materials from Switzerland and Italy and manufactures their line of sexy g-strings in France. Company principal Muriel Klink wanted to expand her product line and needed the capital to do it. That’s why she turned to crowdfunding.

On the heels of Muriel’s successful Kickstarter project, Howard and Muriel talk lace and lingerie and perhaps an even sexier subject…. making money!

Here’s What You Can Look Forward to In This Podcast:

  • The importance of setting realistic crowdfunding goals.
  • How an established community surrounding a crowdfunder can be the tipping point in hitting a crowdfunding goal.
  • How visual aids can make all of the difference in any crowdfunding project. Crowdfunding pitch videos and related pictures are more important than you ever could have imagined.
  • How Muriel marshaled several different resources to hit her Kickstarter goal, not just Crowdfund Buzz advertising and PR.
  • Why daily effort is essential in striving for crowdfunding success. “You have to fight every day – Never give up.” – Muriel Klink.
  • How her crowdfunding campaign led to global expansion of her company.
  • To hear Muriel speak should be music to the ears of any entrepreneur in listening to this successful businesswoman talk about sensible strategies that anyone can use anywhere in the world to bootstrap a business then grow it.



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