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Episode 4: Crowdfunding Success With a Rebel Yell


When it comes to crowdfunding success tips the most sought after pearl of wisdom is found in answering the question “Kickstarter or Indiegogo?”

The team over at HoursTimeTracking.Com came up with an unexpected answer “Neither of them.”

They went on to launch their own private crowdfunding campaign from their own website.  They built their own crowdfunding platform from scratch, set their crowdfunding goal and took off on their own blazing a trail that very few souls dared to attempt before.

The result? Very respectable crowdfunding success.

In this crowdfunding podcast episode you’ll be hearing from Michael Aprile and Stephen Wise who talk with crowdfunding guru Howard Sherman about this runaway success far off the path of conventional crowdfunding wisdom.

We cover a lot of crowdfunding ground:

  • Applying conventional crowdfunding strategies to a private crowdfunding project that only went public weeks after it launched
  • Ignoring conventional eCommerce wisdom in lieu of a crowdfunding campaign
  • Leveraging existing customer contacts to promote crowdfunding
  • How a standard web design tool and payment acceptance constructed a functional crowdfunding platform
  • Advertising crowdfunding campaign offers in a tiered method from VIPs straight down to the general public with rich rewards to loyal customers

Read the article about this crowdfunding campaign that got Howard’s attention leading him to make this crowdfunding podcast possible.

The moral of the story: The crowdfunding platform you choose – if any – should not be considered a factor in crowdfunding success.  Everything else that happens around the crowdfunding project is what makes the difference.



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