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Episode 3: A Crowdfunding Conversation with Manolis Sfinarolakis

manny This crowdfunding podcast runs the gamut in a free-for-all of crowdfunding success strategies and crowdfunding tips.  Listening to Howard and Manolis have a one-one-one conversation about all things crowdfunding is like slipping a hidden mic into a closed-door meeting of crowdfunding colossals.




In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why personal-needs crowdfunding campaigns almost always fail
  • What every crowdfunder MUST do on a daily basis to succeed
  • How crowdfunding myths and misconceptions can spell doom every time
  • Emerging crowdfunding trends we’re likely to see in the months ahead
  • When crowdfunding success fom social media happens.
  • A preview of Crowdfunding Summit 2015.

This crowdfunding podcast goes all over the map and covers a lot of ground in understanding crowdfunding from every aspect.


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