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Episode 2: How to Turn a $15,000 Crowdfunding Goal Into $500,000+

Entrepreneur Adam Paulin failed in his very first crowdfunding project by raising just $17,000 of a $50,000 goal.  Learning from his mistakes led him to launch his next crowdfunding campaign just two weeks later. The result? Indiegogo project success achieved! The same product raised nearly $525,000 – Crushing his crowdfunding goal of $15,000 by 3,500%.

CrowdfundBuzz podcast host Howard Sherman and Adam Paulin take a deep dive to deconstruct this epic crowdfunding success story piece by piece.


Just some of the things we cover:

  • The relative importance of social media crowdfunding promotion.
  • Why InDemand isn’t the obvious conclusion for every successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • How and when the low crowdfunding goal strategy works – and when it doesn’t.
  • How the Tim Ferriss “Surround Sound” marketing effect works as you see it in action.
  • Crowdfunding pitch video perfection – how long is too long and what you MUST cover in the first 60 seconds.
  • The tried and true crowdfunding advertising method of cross-promotion deconstructed and demonstrated.
  • Realistic daily time devoted to running a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Why telling the world you’re giving a percentage of crowdfunding campaign money to a worthy cause isn’t always a good idea.

This episode dispels many myths while shining the spotlight on the true things proven to work to hit a crowdfunding goal – then crush it.


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