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Episode 16: FundThis – The Crowdfunding Platform That Does it All

As quickly as crowdfunding is evolving nobody saw this coming; a new crowdfunding platform with one-stop shopping for everything a crowdfunder needs to plan, launch, promote and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Delivering every possible service and resource a crowdfunding campaign could ever need “all under one roof” FundThis CEO Felix Hartmann just changed the whole crowdfunding game.

In this one hour podcast host Howard Sherman talks to Felix and takes the listener on a guided tour of the future of crowdsourcing with FundThis; a crowdfunding platform that delivers an end-to-end solution that helps crowdfunders who may have nothing more than an idea and take them straight through the entire crowdfunding process from campaign construction and planning, launching, crowdfunding promotion right down to the last day when the perks get shipped out.

Highlights include:

  • What inspired Felix Hartmann to launch a brand new crowdfunding platform and take on the biggest players in the crowdfunding industry.  Hint: Felix felt the pain of so many people who were hit with crowdfunding failure and knew exactly what he had to.
  • A deep dive into the plethora of services FundThis INCLUDES with their crowdfunding portal which runs from pre-campaign graphics design to help with video production straight through to crowdfunding advertising, promotion and even crowdfunding PR without an extra PENNY out of the crowdfunder’s pocket.
  • The future of crowdfunding with a look beyond equity crowdfunding or reward crowdfunding as we understand them today.

Whether you’re planning your first crowdfunding project or your next one, you’re going to want to listen to every minute of this podcast.