Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Episode 15: Crowdfunding Success Strategies

While not even an hour long, this podcast is loaded with all of the information you need to know to achieve crowdfunding success. Much more than just another “crowdfunding success tips” article you’ll find on Google, this one-on-one podcast between Howard Sherman and YOU the listener takes a deep dive on all of the most important topics on crowdfunding success:

  • Your crowdfunding launch checklist. Everything you MUST have in place before you can even think of taking your crowdfunding campaign live.
  • You’ll learn all about crowdfunding campaign preparation. From WHO can shoot a crowdfunding pitch video for as little as $500 to HOW to price your perks so your project is profitable to WHAT you need for a crowdfunding story and everything else.
  • The X factor in crowdfunding campaign success. This is the silver bullet to crowdfunding success. If it’s not there you can call it the missing link that’s absent in most crowdfunding campaigns. You’ll know why the crowdfunding failure rate is so high and what you have to do to avoid this hidden danger that sinks so many projects.
  • The Inner Game of Crowdfunding. You’ll gain insights that too many crowdfunders never learn as Howard reveals what crowdfunding really is and how you can use this knowledge to win.¬† You’ve never seen or heard a perspective like this in any discussion of crowdfunding success.

To round out this groundbreaking material, Howard delivers a motivational message that will change the way you look at success and failure not just in crowdfunding but in life itself.