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Episode 13: Ruth Hedges, The Crowdfunding Queen

Ruth E. Hedges is one the world’s foremost authorities on crowdfunding and is one of the original pioneers of the legislation that was ultimately signed into law as the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012. She was honored with an invitation to the White House for its Crowdfunding Champions of Change event. Ruth created and operates the worlds first Global Crowdfunding Convention ( GCC ) now in entering its 5th year. It is hosted every year in Las Vegas NV. Ms Hedges is the founder of the industry’s first Marketing Automation CRM and Social media platform built for Crowdfunding and Crowd Financing.

Bernardo Pereira

On top of all of that – everything that IS crowdfunding thunders in Ruth’s head.

Brace yourself for an information-packed hour that could be the equivalent of a whole semester at crowdfunding college including:

  • Ruth’s impressive history in crowdfunding dating back to 2009 starting with her getting in touch with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.  What quickly followed were several visits to Capitol Hill and the White House. Taking up the cause of crowdfunding, Ruth herself MADE crowdfunding history as an architect of parts of Title III of the JOBS Act itself.
  • Her working with AOL legend Steve Case and the US Chamber of Commerce itself to help bring crowdfunding to the conversation of how entrepreneurs can raise capital.
  • Ruth’s opinion on crowdfunding still being in its infancy when it comes to public awareness; not just in terms of people who COULD launch a crowdfunding campaign but potential crowdfunding investors who stand to make money on crowdfunding – even the average Joe.
  • How Ruth helped kickstart the careers of quite a few journalists who now cover crowdfunding on a regular basis after learning a lot from her GCC World convention now in its fifth year in Las Vegas.
  • A very deep dive into the world of equity crowdfunding with extensive coverage of exactly what entrepreneurs need to know before launching an equity crowdfunding campaign.
  • The key concept that crowdfunding success does not happen overnight and never happens by accident.
  • Incredible insights to the realistic expectations people should have when they enter the crowdfunding arena with real-world comparisons to other areas of life where risk is always present and guarantees are non-existent.
  • An eye-opening perspective on crowdfunding fraud that will have everyone breathing a sigh of relief.
  • A brand new crowdfunding tool that will help anyone planning a crowdfunding campaign get everything organized and lined up to boost the odds of achieving crowdfunding success in profound ways.

Listeners are in for an extra bonus — seriously deep discounts on GCC World 2016 tickets are available for those paying close attention.

Everybody should pay close attention to every word Ruth has to say.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d pay good money just to hear Ruth mumble in her sleep.  This incredible woman is one of the most precious resources in the world of crowdfunding.



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