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Episode 12: CrowdfundingBum.Com Founder Bernardo Pereira

Prepare yourself for the most evocative podcast thus far as Howard and Bernardo delve into the deep seeded emotions that drive every crowdfunding campaign.

Bernardo Pereira

At times Bernardo is openly emotional in describing the passion that propelled him to launch his own crowdfunding platform –

Here are sound bites sure to whet your appetite:

“Generosity is contagious.”

“Projects that make a difference improve quality of life.”

Don’t skip even a second of this podcast so you’re sure not to fast forward to a key issue impacting most crowdfunders: Fear.

Howard and Bernardo team up to slay the dragon of fear and uncertainty to instill a sense of boldness on crowdfunders to see past their concerns to concentrate instead on crowdfunding success.

The very best is left for the end — as Howard discovers the paradoxical meaning of Crowdfunding Bum and the noble mission of the newest crowdfunding platform.



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