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Episode 11: Avoiding Crowdfunding Promotion Scams with Jenna Baik


When Jenna Baik launched her Indiegogo project for Bebox, she raised 30% of her funding goal on day one and was on top of the world.   She knew she had to make a crowdfunding promotion push to keep the momentum going.  Little did she know that her choice in crowdfunding marketing companies ended up being a total sham that just pocketed her money. What was worse, she lost one week of very valuable time as her campaign was set for 30 days.  Ultimately, her crowdfunding campaign only raised half of its original goal.

Since crowdfunding promotion is critical, listening to this podcast from start to finish is equally critical so you can learn from Jenna’s mistake which could make the difference between success and failure for you.  Prepare to be stunned as you hear:

  • How Jenna connected with a crowdfunding PR scammer.
  • What sold Jenna on going with a crowdfunding promotion company that had no intention of giving her the services she paid for.
  • What tipped her off that something with this crowdfunding promotion “company” wasn’t kosher.
  • The startling discovery Jenna made that confirmed her suspicions that she was tricked out of her money.
  • How she and other crowdfunders, all bilked out of their cash, banded together and ultimately managed to drive this flimflam firm out of business and made the world a better place as a result.
  • Jenna shares her own tips for identifying proper crowdfunding companies so you can avoid making the same fatal mistake she did.
  • Howard chimes in with his own hints and tips to help people make the right choice when selecting a crowdfunding publicity firm.  Naturally, Howard very strongly feels that Crowdfund Buzz is the only possible choice but did an admirable job in staying neutral.
  • Moving on, Jenna and Howard talk about the logistics of fulfilling crowdfunding perks, the benefits and drawbacks of Kickstarter and Indiegogo and even touch on some American History.
  • ADDED BONUS: Jenna shares her diet and weight loss tips right on time for summer!

Jenna was generous with her time and totally set aside her own ego to educate the public to prevent as many people as possible from repeating her mistake.


As you do your research on crowdfunding promotion companies and/or crowdfunding consultants this article in the Wall Street Journal should be required reading: Many Crowdfunding Consultants Come Up Short. Cody, a fellow crowdfunding scam victim mentioned prominently in this podcast and a Crowdfund Buzz client, appears in the article.

Just one more reading assignment as part of your homework on this topic: Crowdfunding Marketing :The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide



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