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Episode 10: A Crowdfunding Conversation with Alex Feldman


Alex Feldman is the driving force behind CrowdsUnite.Com and has an impressive string of achievements. Alex was featured on the January issue of Entrepreneur Magazine for his accomplishments in the crowdfunding industry. His writings about crowdfunding were published on major websites such as and Crowdfund Insider. He educates government agencies like NYC Business Solutions and Small Business Development Center on Crowdfunding. He spoke on crowdfunding conferences, panels, and teaches workshops. Prior to CrowdsUnite, he worked for investment banks Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital. He holds an MBA from New York University.

In this crowdfunding podcast Howard and Alex run the range of crowdfunding topics.  Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • How to detect crowdfunding scams.
  • Crowdfunding marketing: What works and what doesn’t.
  • Proper planning of crowdfunding promotion.  Alex shares his proven formula to attract crowdfunding backers.
  • Why crowdfunders need to stop believing in the “Build it and they will come.” mentality when it comes to launching a crowdfunding project.
  • Crowdfunding success strategies that Alex has proven to work from his own experience.
  • How to do proper crowdfunding campaign planning.
  • Alex reveals what he learned after launching fake crowdfunding campaigns intended to trap scam operators posing as crowdfunding campaign promotion companies.
  • The importance of crowdfunding PR.
  • Alex unveils his next new project; Prefunding a crowdfunding project!
  • How to use a crowdfunding campaign as a market research tool.
  • The perfect perk pricing formula: the best possible method to set the right price on any perk – including early bird perks.



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