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Emerging Crowdfunding Trends for the Future.

Crowdfunding has already emerged over the years as an efficient and reliable platform for startup ventures. Being actively involved in this assisting our clients with promoting crowdfunding campaigns and providing crowdfunding consulting, we often come across questions relating to the future of crowdfunding. It is true that the concept of modern-day crowdfunding is expected to undergo serious changes in the days to come. As a result of our day to interaction with this growing industry, we feel the following crowdfunding trends will emerge in the very near future.

First and foremost, looking at the present scenario, it does appear that crowdfunding will become more social in the days to come. At present, most of the crowdfunding platforms do lots of things to facilitate funding. However, they would be expected to create more of a social experience in the near future. To some extent, at present, funding of crowdfunding projects happen in isolation. Different crowdfunding platforms would surely look to find ways to facilitate discussions and allow campaign sharing on their own. This will certainly enhance the efficiency of crowdfunding campaigns because the central idea of crowdfunding revolves around social interaction. Moreover, project owners will be able to drive more backers to their projects by building social networks or syndicates.

The growth and overall acceptance of crowdfunding is expected to accelerate as more and more people share their success stories. The common man’s idea and interest in crowdfunding will increase rapidly as they see their friends and associates benefit from this concept. Therefore, be prepared to see more startup ventures relying on crowdfunding in the days to come.
The emergence of different niche crowdfunding platforms is yet another possibility for the future of crowdfunding. Though this trend has already started, we expect this trend to get stronger with time. Most of the present day crowdfunding platforms are focused on general interest rather than any specific niche. However, these platforms would soon realize the need to specialize and provide service to certain specific verticals. This will successfully address the specific problems faced by certain types of crowdfunding projects.

The present crowdfunding trend also shows a strong possibility that certain verticals will gain prominence in the future. As experienced crowdfunding promotion experts and consultants, we feel that food and beverage, hardware, real estate, gaming, and alternative energy as some of the sectors that are destined to dominate the future of crowdfunding.

At present, the crowdfunding space has hundreds of players of different capacities. In the very new future, this space may contract significantly. The more experienced players will continue to prosper in this changing market. However, the lack of successful projects will force the closure of many smaller platforms.

Finally, one of the most crucial changes we foresee is the possibility of peer to peer lending going mainstream. The risk and return factors in case of crowdfunding are much more favorable comparing to many other investment forms. This will inspire regulators to embrace this concept in a much larger way.

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