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Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain Proves Cryptocurrency is Alive and Well

While everyone is happy to see Bitcoin up 20% over the past few days, the whole world should be relieved to learn that other cryptocoins like Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain is making blockchain work in the real world.

We welcome guest blogger Kris Chen, a senior member of the GSTAR team, to talk all about what GOX is and how it works in the real world….

New Cryptocurrency GSTAR(GOX)

Mobile blockchain based mobile mining by game

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

What’s GSTAR(GOX)?

GSTAR(GOX) is a Mobile-based Blockchain system. GSTAR(GOX) is performed the mining by the mobile game. Mobile game is the Mining. It takes only 45 seconds for mining. It is very simple and clear. You can get all information on

What’s the merit of GSTAR(GOX)?

Our business model is not for the distant future, it is the realization in the near future. In 2019, people around the world will experience our business model from April or May. We have already prepared our business models. We have already developed 10 games for mobile mining. We will do it without wasting our time. Our business model is simple and clear. Cryptocurrency have to be simple for user.

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

The policy of Main-net

ERC20 GSTAR token will be used for trading as stock on exchange and it should rise and fall like a stock. Main net will be used for buying contents like game. Main net is the fixed price’s cryptocurrency as dollar. Two Cryptocurrency will be swapped freely in Main net.


How do you make user of GSTAR?

First, we can make user by the fun and easy game. First of all, our advantage is mining. The game itself is mining. Mobile mining games will make many people enthusiastic.

Second, we will do Global Audition for singers. We will audition in partnership with various countries’ stations. We have been consulting with them for several years. Applicants are not screened at the gym, but are screened on the mobile broadcast. The person with the highest popularity will be the winner. If there are 3 million singer applicants, they will bring 100 viewers for their popularity. Then 300 million viewers will see our broadcast. They all use GSTAR. Our business model is simple and clear.


Where is GSTAR(GOX) used?

First, GSTAR(GOX) is used in Global singer audition. Applicants apply by using GOX coin.

Second, GSTAR(GOX) is used on mobile broadcasting. Applicants for Global audition shall broadcast on mobile broadcasting. And that their fan will give to them GOX coin for gift.

Third, GSTAR(GOX) is used in mobile contents. We will prepare fun mobile contents and be used by various MOU with companies.


Advantages of GSTAR game

The age of real games has come. Now the game also produces value.


  1. Mobile game mining, rewards program

Now mining is no longer labor. Let’s enjoy mining. in 2019, new mining will emerge.  The game itself is mining. Not just one or two, but about 10 are launched at the same time. A new age comes to mining. GSTAR opens a new mobile mining era. So far, there was no compensation program.

Mining can be done by investing in cash, but users who purchase GSTAR can reinvest and mined GSTAR. If you buy GSTAR now, you will get two benefits. If you reinvest in mining with GSTAR, which you initially bought at a cheap price, your profits will be multiplied.


  1. Competitive Rewards Games

It is a program that rewards all the users from all over the world by ranking them from the first to the last. Imagine it. It is an exciting reward game program where thousands of people and millions of people compete in massive competition. It gives rewards to the last. What is my rank?


  1. The existing mining Agency should go away.

Even if you invest only 45 seconds, it will be mined. It is always possible to be mined when taking a break in the subway, toilet, etc. It is not uneasy because the user can directly mine the game and check it immediately. Anyone in the world can mine. It is very simple, not complex. Mining is possible without teaching.


  1. New mobile mining era, no waste of resources.

Are you going to the North Pole for mining? I play and mine. It does not cost expensive electricity like existing mining. No space needed. Time is also saved. It may take a while.


  1. A truly shared economy has been begun.

Mobile mining is not as monopolistic as existing mining. 1 person, 1 mobile mining only. A true shared economy begins.


  1. Coins mined in the game, used in the real world.

Now, play produces value. It will be used for various Internet contents and shopping with coins mined while playing. We plan to apply various contents such as self-prepared and affiliated Internet contents. For example, content can be used in many places, including education and download services.

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

  1. GSTAR mined is traded on the exchange.

The coins mined are of course traded on the exchange. It can be converted into the currency of each country through the exchange and used in reality. We are already negotiating with various countries to list on various exchanges.


How about the schedule?

30th March: Listing on

1st March: Listing on

Since 20th April: Official launching of Main net and Airdrop in Main net

Since 20th May: Beta test of mining Game

Since 20th June: Official launching of mining Game

What is the difference of GSTAR(GOX)’s Airdrop?

General airdrop is for only promotion, but GSTAR(GOX) is used in mining by mobile. User can experience mobile mining by GOX coin. User have to invest GOX coin for mobile mining. The user can obtain GOX by the amount invested in GOX. The amount of mining per person is limited for the shared economy. GOX coin is stable coin and user can swap it with GSTAR token in Main net. User can download Main net on Google play or Apple store and Homepage. If user download Main net, user can swap and play game in Main net.

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

What does Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain pursue?

We pursue the shared economy. Everyone has a smartphone. Smartphone is the fastest and most accurate device and is the mass media. Smartphone is the innovation. So we can make the shared economy in fastest and most accurate by smartphone. Now we are facing 5G era, so the Blockchain system using smartphones become more important.