Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Strategies Go Way Beyond Good Crowdfunding Promotion

This crowdfunding campaign success webinar we ran on April Fools Day 2016 is very serious as it’s loaded with useful tactics and techniques along with a daily action plan geared towards achieving crowdfunding success.

What this crowdfunding webinar will teach you:

  • How to boost the GogoFactor for Indiegogo Projects
  • A Daily Crowdfunding Campaign action plan that must be applied without fail.
  • Crowdfunding PR and what a powerful money-making tool it can be
  • Crowdfunding promotion through social media
  • Crowdfunding marketing DIY – How to do your own crowdfunding advertising and save tons of cash
  • Avoiding crowdfunding scams – How to spot crowdfunding promotion scams before you get ripped off

You can also watch this crowdfunding success webinar directly on YouTube.