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viral crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding

Viral Crowdfunding – How to Raise $3 Million in 30 Days On September 14th Carson King accidentally redefined viral crowdfunding. He was in the bleachers at a football game and held up a sign asking for beer money and supplied his Venmo address.  Within minutes $400 landed in his account.  That trickle turned into a […]

out of the box crowdfunding marketing ideas

Out of the Box Crowdfunding Marketing Ideas

Out of the Box Crowdfunding Marketing Ideas – Plan for Crowdfunding Success Even though their average success rate is 50%, crowdfunding campaigns have become increasingly popular, taking this way of financing from alternative obscurity to the mainstream. Most money raised in such a way is for business and entrepreneurial purposes, but campaigns work perfectly too […]

crowdfunding marketing budget

Crowdfunding Marketing Budget

Crowdfunding Marketing Budget Fact: Crowdfunding Success Depends On It. What’s one of the biggest factors to crowdfunding success? A serious crowdfunding marketing budget. This article in Forbes makes that clear.  Here’s the best takeaway quote: Success also depends on the quality of the campaign’s content, and ultimately in the size of marketing budget, which will […]

Crowdfunding Press Release Power

Crowdfunding Press Release Power – Lightning in a Bottle When Done Right. Crowdfunding press release power should never be undersestimated.  When done right, a crowdfunding press release can be a catalyst in drawing in new bakers and investors and bring in a lot of money fast.  A press release for a crowdfunding campaign can just […]

crowdfunding marketing malaise

Crowdfunding Marketing Malaise

Crowdfunding Marketing Malaise – Privacy Concerns Percolate Crowdfunding promotion is a changing landscape.  For a long time the pace of change has been glacial but is quickly picking up speed..  Crowdfunding advertising agencies don’t want you to know that a crowdfunding marketing malaise is setting in; but it is.  When Internet users read articles like […]

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum

Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum – How to be a John Wick with Crowdfunding Success Crowdfunding PR & Parabellum might sound a little edgy and maybe it is.  The original meaning of parabellum, translated from Latin, is to prepare for war. When you launch a crowdfunding campaign you are waging war to gain dollars. You are […]

stop crowdfunding spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam

Stop Crowdfunding Spam.  If spamming people is your crowdfunding marketing plan then you have no plan. Seriously.  Stop crowdfunding spam.  It never works.  It never worked.  It will NEVER work. Crowdfunding promotion takes a professional approach through proper channels.  Spamming is not a proper channel.  Sending somebody a never-ending barrage of tweets or emails in […]

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed

Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed – Guest Post by Stewart Dunlop If done right, crowdfunding can be an interesting (and desirable) alternative to loans and looking for investors to finance your business and ideas. However, even though there are lots of well-designed crowdfunding platforms and many people are interested in supporting good ideas, only around […]

Equity Crowdfunding Facebook Fails

Equity Crowdfunding Facebook Fails – 14 Case Studies All in One Place Crowdfunding marketing is essential.  That’s been made abundantly clear over time.  Equity crowdfunding Facebook fails, as a topic, is not clear but it should be to any observant entrepreneur. Sadly, too many entrepreneurs are not observant and end up wasting far too much […]

PieShell shuts piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole – A Teachable Moment for Crowdfunding Platforms With my tenure at CrowdFund Buzz approaching six years I’ve seen crowdfunding platforms come and go.  Scrolling through this blog year by year you’ll be sifting through a cemetery of dead platforms.  All of them launched with lofty goals and new visions for crowdfunding and […]

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain

Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain Proves Cryptocurrency is Alive and Well While everyone is happy to see Bitcoin up 20% over the past few days, the whole world should be relieved to learn that other cryptocoins like Cryptocoin GSTAR Blockchain is making blockchain work in the real world. We welcome guest blogger Kris Chen, a senior member […]

the power of publicity

The Power of Publicity

The Power of Publicity – What an Alien High School Play Taught Us When the students and faculty of the North Bergen High School drama club decided to go with Alien for the school play, nobody could have dreamed the power of publicity would kick in and turn this high school play on a shoestring […]

indiegogo equity crowdfunding

Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding

Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding Two Months Ago. Here’s the Amazing, Awesome Part; We were the first ones to notice. You saw it here first: Indiegogo Pulled the Plug on Equity Crowdfunding.  Crowdfund Buzz reviews the crowdfunding world all the time.  We’re a finger-on-the-pulse crowdfunding firm which is why we are the best […]

equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Vs Reward Crowdfunding Raise capital or generate sales? The equity crowdfunding vs reward crowdfunding debate has an answer. Many small companies seeking to put their company on the map see crowdfunding as far more attractive than traditional loans or venture capital.  As a subset of that thinking, many companies choose to bypass equity […]

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion – It Doesn’t Work Cheap crowdfunding promotion hearkens back to that old cliche – you get what you pay for. Check out this tweet we got back in December which only got its first serious recognition today… Just launched on Kickstarter “One Touch Faucet adapter” that prevents water wastage and help save […]

CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide – A Public Service from the World’s #1 Crowdfunding PR Firm A CES Survival Guide concerning crowdfunding has been attempted by others with epic fails.  Here’s the REAL DEAL when it comes to a CES survival guide written by a Las Vegas local AND CES veteran. Best CES Survival Guide Tips 1. […]

pulling the trigger on crowdfunding

Pulling The Trigger On Crowdfunding

Pulling The Trigger On Crowdfunding – The Moment of Truth Friends, family and co-workers wonder why I always keep a bottle of liquor in arm’s reach.  When I tell them my job in crowdfunding public relations drives me to drink they roll their eyes.  They don’t understand the frustration of working with too many people […]

crowdfunding pr power

Crowdfunding PR Power

Crowdfunding PR Power – How to Make 400 Sales in 5 Minutes and Crash Your Website Watch the latest video at This entire clip from Liz Claman’s show Countdown to The Closing Bell on the Fox Business Network on November 15th deserves your full attention.. By anybody’s standards this is excellent PR. Behind the […]

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever – A Surprising “Secret” The best crowdfunding success ever tip – as with so many things in crowdfunding – should automatically occur to anyone with common sense.  Sadly, as with so many things in crowdfunding, common sense is curiously absent. So what is the best crowdfunding success tip ever? Maintain […]

from crowdfunding to sharktank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank

From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank – Leveraging Crowdfunding Success Kickstarter campaigns end up on TV more often than you might think.  From Crowdfunding to Shark Tank is something we wrote about before. The serious entrepreneur sees Kickstarter as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  The goal is not a successful crowdfunding campaign in […]