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Crowdfunding to Save Lives

Crowdfunding to Save Lives – What We Can Learn From the Recent News of Flooding Death and Destruction

Crowdfunding to save lives is something not often seen but so necessary. First sub tropical storm Alberto.  Then the horrible flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland for the second time in two years and now the jilting news that the Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico could be as high as 8,500.

Puerto Rico was hit especially hard with Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State describing it as a 100 year flood. Indeed, there are people in Puerto Rico who still live without electricity to this day.

All too often we see crowdfunding to HELP lives after something horrible happens whether its financial support for medical treatment, avoiding homelessness or helping a promising student go to college. It’s seldom to never when we see crowdfunding to save lives by preventing disaster in the first place. Yet that’s exactly what CEO Joe Daniluk is doing with his company Locking Line Barriers in rolling out WaterBlocks across the United States via his StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign.

WaterBlocks is a new flood control solution that will change the way flood control is managed in the future. WaterBlocks, a rapidly deployable steel reinforced plastic flood barrier that when the locking line together redirects floodwaters as needed. WaterBlocks, like Legos, are linked and stack together as needed to mitigate flooding providing a huge savings in flood recovery costs while saving lives. An Uber-like business model has been formulated as a cost sharing network for rapid deployment by the truckload. Everyone is urged to contact their local emergency flood control manager and tell them to check out

In the short term everyone is urged to participate in the WaterBlocks equity crowdfunding project. That’s because investors can own an interest in the ultimate flooding solution and make a difference through crowdfunding to save lives.