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crowdfunding success x factor

Crowdfunding Success X Factor

Crowdfunding Success X Factor – Crowdfunding Bum Makes Crowdfunding Success Easier.

Over the years we’ve seen new crowdfunding platforms come and ago  Crowdfunding Bum came.  Then went.  Then came back to deliver the crowdfunding success X Factor.  While Hurricane Maria knocked out most of Puerto Rico through devastating damage and death leading to island-wide power outages, lack of food and water and a decimated infrastructure Crowdfunding Bum founder Bernardo Pereria was down but not put.

Based in Puerto Rico, Crowdfunding Bum had no choice but to shelve their initiatives in transforming crowdfunding until Puerto Rico got back on its feet in aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  Crowdfunding Bum not only got back on its feet, it’s better than ever.

We originally covered Crowdfunding Bum in our now-retired podcast back in 2016 and we were so glad to see them return not only triumphant but better than ever.

Fast forward two years and Crowdfunding Bum has introduced a multi-faceted crowdfunding success x factor…

Let’s start with the fact that Crowdfunding Bum has built-in backers. While you can and should attract as many backers as you can, Crowdfunding Bum brings people to the party for you.

Then there’s the free campaign setup.  You bring your idea and Crowdfunding Bum will provide the expertise in bringing your crowdfunding campaign to life by designing and setting your project for you! Talk about a crowdfunding success X factor!

We saved the best for last; for a limited time there are are ZERO platform fees! This saves every crowdfunder hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

crowdfunding success x factor

Looking at the bigger picture it’s clear to see that Crowdfunding Bum is the crowdfunding success X Factor everyone can use to raise more money, keep more of the money they raise and devote more time to crowdfunding success than figuring out how crowdfunding works.  Full details are available on the Crowdfunding Bum website.