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Crowdfunding Success With Indiegogo

Crowdfunding Success With Indiegogo – Start on Kickstarter & Keep Going with Indiegogo

As strange as it may sound, crowdfunding success with Indiegogo started for Transformer Table 2.0 on Kickstarter…

Crowdfunding Success With Indiegogo

Then they transferred their successful Kickstarter campaign to Indiegogo who tallied all of the earned credit and history and put them Indemand…

Crowdfunding Success With IndiegogoAnd voila! Crowdfunding success with Indiegogo that was initiated on Kickstarter.  Indiegogo’s Indemand feature is a powerful tool to leverage crowdfunding success long after the campaign is over.

Indiegogo isn’t picky about putting ANY crowdfunding campaign Indemand; even a campaign that didn’t originate on Indiegogo.  The only criteria for earning “Indemand” status is a successful crowdfunding campaign on ANY platform.  Brilliant!

This is brilliant for the crowdfunder AND Indiegogo; a successful crowdfunding campaign can continue selling popular products for as long as they want as Indiegogo makes money – generated by their platform fees and payment acceptance services.  With the flexibility of Indiegogo Indemand, designers and distributors of products and services may never need a website except, perhaps, for a landing page.

We’re endlessly impressed in all of the ways Indiegogo innovates and reinvents itself; first flexible funding, then their partnership program (full disclosure: Crowdfund Buzz is an Indiegogo partner), then Indemand – then equity crowdfunding – now an expansion of Indemand to include ANY successful crowdfunding project.

From any standpoint, crowdfunding success with Indiegogo is easier than anywhere else with all of the tools and resources they make available.

So once again we’re back to the age-old debate; Indiegogo or Kickstarter? Now that Indiegogo will place any successful project in Indemand the lines are blurred even further.  For the most part it matters even less than ever before.  The bottom line is crowdfunding success.  Nobody should stuck too much on the details beyond attracting as many backers as you can for as long as you can then shipping excellent products to create customer delight.