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Crowdfunding Success Tip: Words Mean Things

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Convincing backers to support a crowdfunding campaign probably works better if those crowdfunding backers aren’t called jockstraps.

Looking at the screenshot above it’s not clear if the use of the term “athletic supporters” is intended to instill a sense of pride in sports fans who fund a crowdfunding campaign for their favorite sport or if that’s meant to be a joke.

Either way, that term has got to go.

The superior crowdfunder does their research. And that research makes it clear that every single aspect of a crowdfunding project is critical. From the quality of the pitch video to the sharpness and clarity of the images used to – now here’s the really important one – the quality of the writing in the project itself.

When I wear my hat as a crowdfunding consultant I never fail to give the most valuable advice I can when delivering crowdfunding consulting: make your crowdfunding campaign the best it can be in every possible way. If money allows, hire a professional video company to create the best crowdfunding pitch video possible. Many potential crowdfunding backers are sold right there. Make sure a top-notch graphic artist creates the most vivid imagery possible to really catch the eye as the public reads over your project.

But if you’re short on funds for a Hollywood-quality pitch video and can’t plunk down all the cash a graphics expert charges that’s fine. You can still achieve crowdfunding success…

… if you make sure the written presentation of your crowdfunding project is EPIC.

I’m talking New York Times bestselling epic. Writing an effective crowdfunding pitch can be a game changer when it comes to achieving crowdfunding success.

That’s because words do a better job of selling than videos and pictures combined. Make no mistake about it; when you launch a crowdfunding campaign you’re attempting to sell something to somebody on the web. Any crowdfunding project you can think of is not much different from a product you’ll find on Amazon or a car at the Ford website or a non-profit website raising funds to help orphans.

At the end of the day – the words on those websites carry the heavy load of convincing people to turn over some of their money in exchange for that book, that car or that orphan with a full stomach and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

That makes it critical that every single word in your project is building feelings in drawing in the backer – getting them to nod their head in agreement – getting their heart pumping and their hand reaching for their wallet.

If you want your campaign to have that kind of effect on people then every word in your crowdfunding project has to resonate. Better writing gives you a better chance of crowdfunding success. Those words have to pull on the heartstrings without letting go until they back your campaign at best or make it so they can’t get your crowdfunding campaign out of their mind at least.

Writing an engaging crowdfunding campaign is a special ingredient in that secret sauce to crowdfunding success.

If you suspect your writing skills come up short in this department I can recommend a crowdfunding consultant that can get that job done for you and give you epic crowdfunding campaign writing to get your project where it needs to be.