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Crowdfunding Success is Impossible if You Cancel.

cancel crowdfunding project

Why did this Kickstarter project get canceled within days of it being launched?

Because the campaign manager felt it wasn’t making enough progress fast enough and decided to cancel the crowdfunding campaign instead of digging in his heels in and trying harder.

The saddest part is – They were a Kickstarter staff pick and had picked up impressive press. If they tapped into that crowdfunding momentum we could’ve been looking at another successful Kickstarter project instead of doing an autopsy on a crowdfunding project that committed suicide.

The moral of the story is — never give up on running a crowdfunding project. Crowdfunding success can come around any corner at any time. We’ve seen it happen over and over again.

If you’re not getting the crowdfunding results you want, it’s time to work harder AND work smarter. As you explore more of this crowdfunding blog you’ll pick up dozens of crowdfunding success strategies that could mean the difference between crowdfunding failure and an epic victory.

“Never give up, Never give up, never give up.” – Winston Churchill