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Crowdfunding Success Case Study

Looking for a crowdfunding success case study? Here are two of them.

Shader is 400% Funded & Raised Nearly $80,000 in Just Four Days
 How’d they raise so much money so fast?
Among other things they hired Crowdfund Buzz.

The Shader Team poured it on; they shot an excellent video, created fantastic images
and did all their homework in creating profitable perks and made sure there was no
shock on shipping charges.  As a client of our Ultimate Services, we worked on the
campaign’s story with our copywriting services, guided them with perks and then
delivered epic public relations that made front page news….
Here’s the press release that got the crowdfunding success train steaming along.
The Shader team started doing their own networking and outreach and so far have
published two updates. What happened next? They hit their crowdfunding goal
in 24 hours and now on day 4 the sky is the limit as they rack up new backers on
an almost hourly basis.

Like we always say, crowdfunding is a full time job and the Shader people are working hard
every day to make their Kickstarter kick ass!

A crowdfunding success case story doesn’t get much better than this.

But wait there’s more!

Crowdfunding Success Starts With Something Cool

What’s cooler than a USB stick that’s bigger than most hard drives? The president
of Vast hired us LAST YEAR to run the PR and consult on this project.  He didn’t
want to launch until everything was perfect — especially his manufacturing partner
to make sure there wouldn’t be any supply problems in shipping out perks.

Weeks before launch we started generating buzz and helping Vast build an audience.

We helped Vast with the content and copywriting and did some serious promotional
pushes.  Check out our VastStick press release which was no small factor in this
crowdfunding success case study. As with Shader,Vast Technologies worked day
and night on promotion, campaign updates and outreach.  They posted updates
constantly and answered questions and replied to comments quickly.

There you have it — two case studies side by side telling you everything you need to
know to succeed in crowdfunding.

You could be our next crowdfunding success case study.  Let’s get started today.