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Crowdfunding & Social Media

Crowdfunding & Social Media Beyond Twitter and Facebook.

Planet earth knows all about Twitter and Facebook; hundreds of millions of people use them every day. Of course there’s all of the political flamewars, cute animal video clips, jokes yada yada yada. Many people promoting a crowdfunding campaign use Twitter and Facebook for crowdfunding promotion every day too.

But too many crowdfunders are overlooking other social media platforms that while not as popular are still very powerful methods of social media promotion of a crowdfunding project. More people need to know that crowdfunding & social media goes way beyond Twitter and Facebook to vast audiences of hundreds of millions of people. It wouldn’t surprise me if many people never even heard of them. Drum roll please…

Digg – According to the latest available statistics, over 10 million people use Digg every month to discover the most popular news and stories of the day. Covering every possible topic imaginable, Digg helps you find, read, and share the very best ones. Turns out, lots of people end up on Digg from Facebook and Twitter as well right from Google. If you want to reach 10 million people during the month or more your project is live, you’ve got to make Digg part of your crowdfunding marketing strategy.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon has become a colossus in generating traffic thanks to the viral nature of all of the different websites users can suggest and share. It’s easier than you can imagine to start getting your landing page and your crowdfunding campaign stumbled — that is discovered by other StumbleUpon users. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among top social media sites and generate serious crowdfunding traffic for you – even more than Digg. According to best estimates, there are over 50 million people using StumbleUpon which is another effective channel for crowdfunding marketing.

Tumblr – With 550 million users, Tumblr is perhaps the most popular social media platform you never heard of. Essentially a free website hosting service, you can build simple pages and load them with content that’s shared with millions of other Tumblr users in a very fluid fashion. Your content can be discovered very quickly and easily which fits in brilliantly with your crowdfunding pre-launch strategy. You can and should post articles about your product or service, your film or whatever you’re crowdfunding and build a large audience of interested people. Tumblr HAS TO BE part of your crowdfunding advertising plan.

See how we apply Digg, StumbleUpon and Tumblr to crowdfunding:

If you like Digg then Digg Crowdfund Buzz
StumbleUpon people! Check out Crowdfund Buzz
Did you know that Tumblr hosts a blog by Crowdfund Buzz

There you have it; crowdfunding & social media is even more powerful for promoting a crowdfunding campaign than you ever imagined.