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Crowdfunding Quickstart Guide

Crowdfunding Quickstart Guide

Are you new to crowdfunding? Planning a crowdfunding campaign? This crowdfunding quickstart guide is your step one.

crowdfunding quickstart guide
This crowdfunding quickstart guide is essential for every crowdfunder. That’s because over the years we’ve learned that too many crowdfunding campaigns fail due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of planning or very often both.

We’ve handpicked the very best articles from our crowdfunding blog to give you the shortcut to planning and executing the best possible crowdfunding campaign.

Let’s Start With the Most Important Thing First: Your crowdfunding marketing budget.

You want to raise money but how? Equity or reward crowdfunding?

Don’t Commit This Deadly Sin in Crowdfunding Advertising.

Why You May Want a Crowdfunding Press Release.

Crowdfunding Planning in a Nutshell

Five Things All Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Have in Common.

Adopt a Realistic Mindset: Sony Failed at Crowdfunding.  You Might Too.

Why Crowdfunding Campaign Copywriting Can Make All The Difference.

Everything You Need to Know About Shooting Your Own Crowdfunding Pitch Video.

This isn’t everything you need to know but this wouldn’t be a crowdfunding quickstart guide if we kept going.

When you want to roll up your sleeves and conduct deep research check out our blog.  We have years of articles which are indexed and searchable. Thank goodness!

Rachel Dobbs put together a crowdfunding quickstart guide of her own that has excellent focus on the basics and the creative side.

Our goal with this guide is to put crowdfunders on the path to knowledge in learning the essentials of crowdfunding success that puts more of the odds on your side.  We started our blog back in 2013 with a mission to deliver crowdfunding education.

Back then and, sadly, still today we see too many people take a cavalier approach to crowdfunding.  The prevailing mindset seems to be that crowdfunding is some sort of Internet-based ATM machine; just launch the campaign and start taking out cash.  Nothing could be further from the truth.