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Crowdfunding Publicity Services on TV

Crowdfunding Publicity Services on TV

Crowdfunding Publicity Services on TV Gives You Instant Credibility.

From a business or career point of view, being known in your industry as an influencer and thought leader leads to major opportunities beyond crowdfunding success.  You have demonstrated your knowledge and wisdom personally with your viewers, most of which are in a position to back your crowdfunding campaign.

One of the major ways to put your crowdfunding campaign on the map and in front of a massive audience quickly is to appear as the contributing guest on TV shows. You can appear on the local TV Shows, then regional TV and next stop, the major national TV shows. The shows like to see a progression of bigger and bigger media on your bio so they know you have the experience needed to be a great guest on a top national TV show.

Here’s the best part: Our Paramount clients are guaranteed to appear on TV.

Getting Booked On TV Shows is a Credibility Builder

Getting booked on these TV shows is a big deal. You don’t just walk on the set and sit down. Crowdfund Buzz makes it look easy. Guests are carefully selected according to their credentials, point of view and media history. You must qualify for the segment and be able to prove it. Our company knows how to jump you through lot of hoops in the approval process to get you on a TV show edging out others who wanted to get on as well. Congrats!

Crowdfunding Publicity Services on TV Attracts New Backers Instantly.

Potential crowdfunding backers may not know you personally but they know FOX NEWS, they know CNN, they know other major media outlets such as CBS, ABC and NBC. Appearing on the TV media. both national shows and your local city shows helps close your deals and secure new money making opportunities. You create a tremendous advantage.

TV Show Bookings Can Lead to Mega Opportunities

Many of our clients have landed additional or expanded media opportunities such as becoming a regular contributor to a major internet news site, that can be leveraged into more opportunities or have become a regular expert on a TV show in their market or a regular guest on a major radio show including the big nationally syndicated radio shows.

REAL PUBLICITY STORY: Client increased the demand for his services so much he TRIPLED his speaking fees and sold 50,000 books as well. Plus, he landed an ongoing segment in his hometown market. There is just no stopping him now!

REAL PUBLICITY STORY: Client landed a regular TV segment in one of the TOP 5 markets in the country (WOW!) positioning themselves as a celebrity expert. Ask yourself this question, who would you rather hire, the TV media expert or an unknown?

MAJOR MEDIA TV BOOKINGS: Ask for your free consultation with no obligation. Find out how you can get outstanding crowdfunding promotion by getting booked on major media positioning your business as a thought leader and influencer. Want to score new backers in bulk? High quality Media is the key!

Get Ready For Your TV Campaign By First Completing A Top City Radio Campaign

We get our Paramount clients get booked on TV only after we’ve scored a few radio guest spots for them.  TV producers are leery of putting unproven guests in front of the camera but feel a lot better after knowing they’ve already been on radio.  No worries; if you’re a Paramount client you get both along with unlimited media training to get you ready for the big time.

 TOP 100 MARKET RADIO TALK SHOW PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN: Find out how you can get booked on radio talk show interviews in the top, most influential markets and shows in the major cities and nationally syndicated shows and networks. Share your message with people everywhere, create national expert status and enjoy rapid expansion of your ideas, messaging, reputation and clout that can give you crowdfunding success and much more beyond.

Crowdfund Buzz specializes in helping you define your message and creates the perfect segment for you. Our radio talk show clients appear on top national TV shows daily as well as their local shows that target our client’s home market. Our clients know that appearing on TV shows creates a tremendous competitive edge as well as a celebrity status for them that is very tough for their competitors to beat.

Remember, Crowdfund Buzz has the “blink factor” and we know how to position you in order to get you booked. We already know why you are good, instantly. Our team of PR professionals bring decades of experience you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll work with an established publicist who has earned a stellar reputation in the media. Beware of the pop up publicity firms or high priced crowdfunding marketing firms as they can damage your image and brand. It takes years, and we have decades, of experience and relationship building to get everything just right for the client. Experience matters in publicity.

Check out these TV appearances our publicists scored for clients.

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