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Crowdfunding Promotion is Broken

Crowdfunding Promotion IS Broken. Don’t Doubt Me. A Tale of Non-Existent Offices and the Scam Artists That Use Them.

When I saw this Tuft & Needle commercial for their life changing bedding the message was delivered. I loved the quote “When we saw that the bedding industry was broken, we wouldn’t rest until we’d fixed it.”

The crowdfunding promotion industry is similarly broken in ways far worse than a sleazy salesman in a mattress store.

How about a sleazy salesman using assumed names while bragging about non-existent awards with a bogus office address pulled at random off of Google?

A couple of weeks ago a nice gent called us and wondered if he could meet us then and there at the Crowdfund Buzz offices in Las Vegas. We were his second stop that day. His first stop was to a so-called crowdfunding PR firm that’s been running ads like crazy all over the Internet touting their award-winning crowdfunding marketing services. Their website lists an address in Las Vegas so he decides to show up there. Turns out, nobody in the building ever heard of the company.

Even though he didn’t have an appointment I saw him then and there that morning and signed him up for our Ultimate package. I dropped everything I had planned that morning if only to hear his story from his own lips face to face. It was precious. Scoring a new crowdfunding client with our top tier service was a bonus.

Days later I saw a commercial from Certified Financial Planners that has a similar message….

The DJ posing as a financial planner who convinced so many people to trust their financial futures to him just because he had a nice suit, polished shoes and a haircut is just like the vast majority of crowdfunding promotion companies you can find — or find you after your campaign launches. The similarities are downright scary; a good looking website loaded with fake success stories and testimonials, all the right buzz words and industry jargon, impressive claims such as “award winning” along with seemingly intelligent messaging. The sad truth is that too many people promoting a crowdfunding campaign discover to their horror that they were played only after the crowdfunding public relations “firm” in question took their money, delivered little if anything at all while precious time in achieving crowdfunding success is lost.

This pattern is as pathetic as it is predictable; Eventually the fake crowdfunding PR firm is called out with all of the bad reviews and scam reports so they shutdown the current website and then open up shop with a brand new website with a fresh domain name with a clean record and do it all over again. We’ve been seeing this for years.

We’ve held the same view as Tuft & Needle for years; we won’t rest until the crowdfunding promotion industry is fixed. In fact we already fixed it by holding ourselves to the highest standards with independent third-party credentials you can verify for yourself. Oh, and we really do have an office.

Browse around our website and page by page you’ll see this for yourself. If you want a better night’s sleep and a brighter financial future then take the advice of the certified financial planners and do your research. When you do you’ll reach one inescapable conclusion; Crowdfund Buzz is the most professional, ethical and honest company in the crowdfunding PR world who will work hard for you to deliver the very best results possible.