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Crowdfunding Press Release

Crowdfunding Press Release – A Crowdfunding Success Catalyst.

A crowdfunding press release gives you many benefits both obvious and not.

One of our seasoned staff writers will write a press release with proven methods of attracting media attention infused with the very best of SEO.  Since 2012 we have constantly improved and expanded our media reach to help our clients get the best media coverage possible to the most relevant, targeted audiences.

As a result we grow and maintain a global database of some 800,000 reporters, journalists, editors, bloggers, podcasters and TV/radio show producers covering every possible topic and subject you can imagine.

We promote your Crowdfunding campaign to members of the media who are always on the lookout for news they can share with their audience. While we guarantee publication of your news on anywhere between 60-120 trusted, respected news websites, we’re always striving to get you a featured article or interview.  If a member of the media decides to move forward in that direction, you can expect hundreds, possibly thousands of backers to your campaign in just a few days.

crowdfunding press release

The above is an excerpt from one of our actual media reports.  This press release was published on 94 news websites with an audience size of nearly 104 million people.  As you can see, a Crowdfund Buzz crowdfunding press release delivers unbeatable reach to huge numbers of people faster and more effectively than any other method of crowdfunding promotion.

According to a 2019 media study, 65% of journalists believe audience metrics have changed the way they evaluate stories. Journalists continue to look to public relations professionals for content specific to their audience, and this relationship has only become more valuable  That’s where Crowdfund Buzz can make all the difference for you.  If you’re not a PR professional and you’re doing a press release yourself it will very likely be ignored.

Looking beyond the obvious advantages for immediate funding, you gain long-term advantages from a Crowdfund Buzz press release that will give you a huge return on investment years after your campaign is over….

Your press release is out there working for you forever on the Internet. Your crowdfunding press release talking about your company and your products and services are indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines making the money you spend with us now pay off for you now AND for years to come.  We’ve seen clients score lucrative deals with “As Seen on TV” as well as very rewarding distribution and partnership deals long after the crowdfunding campaign. How? Why? Google.  People who are looking for what you’re offering can find you at any time thanks to your crowdfunding press release – months or even years after the fact – which can make you more money.  Our superior SEO skills make that possible for you.

You gain credibility you can’t get any other way. When people read your press release you instantly earn respect because potential backers are much more accepting and trusting of what they read on a news website compared to what they see in an advertisement.  Speaking of which, when people see your Facebook ad or Google banner they could click on it then probably do a Google for you, your company or offering to do their own research and make sure you’re legit.  When they do, they will see all of the news coverage we helped you acquire through your crowdfunding press release.  So first a potential backer sees your advertisement, then they do their research on Google or wherever, then they find all the press coverage we generated for you which leads potential investors or backers to be much more likely to fund your campaign because of the trust you gained in their eyes through the credibility of the media coverage we scored for you.

Equity crowdfunding? Attract investors AND customers. If you’re a Premier level client your press release is shared with the business news sector of the media (that’s where the investors are) AND the news outlets covering your area of business. FOR EXAMPLE: If you’re equity crowdfunding to raise capital for your telemedicine company, your press release will land in front of journalists in the business news world AND the health and wellness media people who cater to vast audiences of consumers and professionals.  The result? You can grow your pool of investors AND your customer base simultaneously WHILE building your brand.  This is a tremendous growth multiplier.

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