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Crowdfunding Press Release Power

Crowdfunding Press Release Power – Lightning in a Bottle When Done Right.

Crowdfunding press release power should never be undersestimated.  When done right, a crowdfunding press release can be a catalyst in drawing in new bakers and investors and bring in a lot of money fast.  A press release for a crowdfunding campaign can just as easily and quickly blow up and backfire.

Let’s play a simple game to prove this.  Can you spot what’s wrong in the picture below? No peeking!

crowdfunding press release

Here’s a hint: There are in fact five different things wrong with this press release.  And that’s before we get to the first paragraph.

Give up? Here’s the answer: “Funded Today”.  Funded Today is a crowdfunding marketing agency.  Numee hired them for crowdfunding promotion.  So why is Funded Today mentioned five times in this press release before the reader even gets to the first paragraph? That’s a lot of crowdfunding press release power for the crowdfunding advertising company but of very little value to the client.

Is this a fluke? A mistake? An accident? An oversight? Not at all.  Every press release this company issues is formatted along the same lines.

On the other side of the coin is a Crowdfund Buzz press release.  The name of our company appears only once and only so that members of the media or anyone interested can easily get in touch with us.

A crowdfunding press release we issue just gets better from there.  We have a huge number of reporters, journalists, show producers AND show hosts who subscribe to our news feed and make sure they read every press release we put out there.  Topics of our press releases are known to be brought up as hot topics on radio shows, segment caps on cable news in parallel to our press releases being published on the most respected and trusted news websites across the country.

In fact, every crowdfunding press release we issue achieves some sense of immortality; they exist forever on the Internet.  Thanks to the prowess of our SEO skills we’ve seen our clients seal big deals and make truckloads of money YEARS after we were hired.  That’s because of the high quality of the crowdfunding press release we issued for them long ago leading to quick discovery on a search engine in the present day.