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crowdfunding pr power

Crowdfunding PR Power

Crowdfunding PR Power – How to Make 400 Sales in 5 Minutes and Crash Your Website

This entire clip from Liz Claman’s show Countdown to The Closing Bell on the Fox Business Network on November 15th deserves your full attention.. By anybody’s standards this is excellent PR. Behind the crowdfunding PR power is a hell of a story. But what sealed the deal? The last 45 seconds of the clip.

Today on Liz Claman’s show was a followup to the previous day’s coverage of a confectionery company run by a wounded combat veteran. Within minutes of Sgt. Aaron Hale’s appearance the previous day, a massive surge of website traffic to his EOD Fudge website crashed the whole site. But not before 400 orders were placed.
Crowdfunding advertising can’t do this. The best crowdfunding marketing in the world can’t even come close to crowdfunding PR power.

crowdfunding pr power

Happily the website came back up and Liz Claman made sure all of her fans and followers on Twitter knew it….

crowdfunding pr power

Thanks to crowdfunding PR power even more orders were placed almost instantly.

When you hire Crowdfund Buzz for crowdfunding promotion you put crowdfunding PR power to work for you.  That’s because all of our clients are guaranteed to appear in news websites, on TV and be guests on radio shows.   When anybody is reading an article or listening to the radio or watching a TV show what are they paying the most attention to? THE CONTENT.  They are more-or-less ignoring the ads on the screen as they read what they want to read.  They are paying close attention to the TV show segment then leaving the room to get a cup of coffee when the commercials come on.  Ditto radio; the radio audience mentally tunes out when the commercials come on and then mentally tune back in after the commercial break.

That’s why crowdfunding advertising of any kind can never be as effective as crowdfunding public relations.

Advertising a crowdfunding campaign can and should be accomplished through many methods with crowdfunding public relations at the very top of the list.