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Our publicists have years of experience getting clients booked on Television. See for yourself.

Behind the scenes in a TV studio as our client Wally “Famous” Amos goes live on the air

View the Final Cut of Wally’s live TV appearance here.


Client Rebecca Walser ON NYC TV WNYW from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

NBC TV Eric Cole WRC Washington DC from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

Dr. Peter Edelstein Appearing On First Coast Living – WTLV-NBC from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

Bob Prosen MBA, On FOX Business News TV from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

Bob Burg, On National TV Show, Daytime from Crowdfund Buzz on Vimeo.

We make it look easy to get booked on TV but it really isn’t. We need to put in place several media assets for you first that include:

  • A developed media bio with a strong history of media appearances.
  • Previous TV appearances to demonstrate your on camera skills and conversational ability
  • An edited demo of these previous TV appearances.
  • A clear link between your topic and the topics the show usually covers.

This one isn’t TV exactly but is related.  Howard was invited on as a guest on InvenTalk, a webinar hosted by Lisa Lloyd.  Lisa got a deal on Shark Tank with Daymond John AND Barbara Corcoran.  She’s also appeared as a guest on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Danny Deutsch and also was a guest on the Dr. Phil show.  Oh, and she’s a successful entrepreneur and a brilliant inventor with ten patents to her name.

This webinar is must-see TV for anybody crowdfunding.  Lisa and Howard take a deep dive into the shark tank as they discuss success and failure, best practices and proven strategies with an emphasis on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.