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Crowdfunding Marketing via Mobile

Crowdfunding Marketing via Mobile – The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding Promotion

Crowdfunding marketing via mobile was non-existent five years ago.  Heck, five years ago Instagram was virtually unheard of except for “only” few million users.  Nowadays, Instagram has become a colossus not just in the social media world but in the business world.  All told, business owners are going straight to mobile, bypassing the traditional web entirely.

According to Bloomberg, the future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omni-channel or pop-up shops or geo-fenced flash sales. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media consumerism cultivates a growing crop of scrappy brands, these retail entrepreneurs are skipping the computer altogether (let alone brick-and-mortar shops), instead displaying and selling products exclusively via smartphone.

This article is very insightful in the sense that an ever-increasing number of businesses are 100% mobile – including their customers and all of the sales they generated.  This emerging trend extends to crowdfunding marketing via mobile.  Case in point, we’re on Instagram promoting a crowdfunding campaign every day to over 5,000 followers that’s growing all the time.  All told we have some 45,000 fans and followers across all of the biggest social media platforms and more and more of all those good mobile use their smartphone as much as their computer to access their social networks.

crowdfunding marketing via mobile

That’s why crowdfunding marketing via mobile is so important now and will only become increasingly important as time goes on.

To wit, Indiegogo and Kickstarter both have apps although you don’t need one to back a crowdfunding campaign; a mobile browser will work just fine too.  Putting it all together, crowdfunding marketing via mobile is part of an end-to-end solution to bring you more crowdfunding backers via a smartphone all on its own.  There’s an ever-increasing number of people who use their smartphone or their iPad AS their computer.

As crowdfunding evolves along with society itself, you can trust Crowdfund Buzz to stay ahead of the curve and in tune with the trends.