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Crowdfunding Marketing: The Success Catalyst

"And that concludes our class on crowdfunding success.  Any questions?"

“And that concludes my class on crowdfunding success. Any questions?”

…”for a crowdfunding campaign to be truly successful, entrepreneurs must put effort into marketing it.” – John Boitnott, Inc. Magazine

Crowdfunding is not a “post it and forget it proposition.” Running a successful campaign requires a major time commitment in advance of, during and post campaign. It also requires that you be fearless in getting out and spreading the word about your venture.” – Sally Outlaw, Entrepreneur Magazine

One of the most common elements of crowdfunding success is crowdfunding promotion. A crowdfunding campaign can have all of their ducks in a row with a polished, professional crowdfunding pitch video, beautiful pictures, excellent copy writing and very tempting perks. The product or the service itself can be brilliant, even life changing.

But none of that matters if nobody hears about it. That’s why crowdfunding marketing and promotion is so important.

Crowdfunders serious about seeing their crowdfunding campaign succeed to the highest possible degree need to take crowdfunding promotion seriously. VERY seriously.

Over the years we’ve heard from people running crowdfunding campaigns who told us they would love to have crowdfunding campaign promotion but refuse to pay for it out of their own pocket. Reasons range from angry replies like “I can’t afford $399 for promoting a crowdfunding campaign – that’s why I’m crowdfunding! I need money!” to people that constantly contact us asking us to deliver crowdfunding PR with no money up front but will be happy to pay us IF AND ONLY IF their campaign succeeds.

Then there are the crowdfunding campaigns that never even consider paying for crowdfunding promotion services and actually find it offensive that they should actually PAY for crowdfunding advertising. Our only guess in explaining this bizarre mentality is that too many people have this false sense of entitlement that crowdfunding promotion should be free or dirt cheap, paying up front for any kind of marketing and advertising is ridiculous and refuse to accept reality; without serious crowdfunding marketing, crowdfunding campaigns have no realistic chance of success. That’s to say nothing of a crowdfunder’s dream of exceeding a funding goal by as much as 500% without a serious strategy for promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve documented this fatally flawed thinking in this very blog for years and years with post after post showing the powerful results possible with professional crowdfunding marketing. These are results that are simply impossible any other way.

A new perspective we’ve cultivated is that most, if not all, of the crowdfunding campaigns that refuse to spend any serious amount of money on crowdfunding marketing is a fear of loss in the form of losing money on crowdfunding promotion.

Here’s the catch; crowdfunding failure is a certainty without promotion. Fear of loss in terms of the unknown – and unknowable – results of professional crowdfunding promotion must be overcome.

We’re constantly asked about our “success rate”, the number of campaigns we’ve helped succeed, etc. etc. Another very popular question comes from people who ask us to predict the future by giving them sort of probability of generating sales/backers. We’re incapable of answering such questions. Ask anybody who works for Facebook or Google these same questions and you’ll find out they have no way to give you an answer either. That’s because nobody can account for the unknown variable of human emotion that drives people to make any given buying decision after seeing an advertisement or reading a press release.

We’ve concluded that people who ask these types of questions want some sense of assurance or confidence that investing in crowdfunding publicity has a probability of success. They want to mitigate their fear of loss in investing in marketing.

Here’s something very real to be afraid of: The fear of failure. Crowdfunding campaigns always fail when they don’t gain sufficient public awareness. And raising public awareness for your project is only possible through proper, professional promotion.

Tim Ferriss, angel investor and author of the global bestseller The Four Hour Work Week summarizes this point perfectly in a single sentence -“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

Here’s a crowdfunding success certainty: You have to seriously promote a crowdfunding project every day for crowdfunding success to be possible.

And dollar-for-dollar nobody does crowdfunding promotion better than Crowdfund Buzz.