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crowdfunding marketing malaise

Crowdfunding Marketing Malaise

Crowdfunding Marketing Malaise – Privacy Concerns Percolate

Crowdfunding promotion is a changing landscape.  For a long time the pace of change has been glacial but is quickly picking up speed..  Crowdfunding advertising agencies don’t want you to know that a crowdfunding marketing malaise is setting in; but it is.  When Internet users read articles like this they’re either afraid of what companies are learning about them, angry about it or both.  This leads consumers to get educated about their privacy and take action. As a result, online advertisers take a hit. All of these one-trick ponies in the crowdfunding marketing world are scared to death of consumers who are becoming more aware of privacy concerns and what they can do to protect themselves.

Why? If you want to advertise a crowdfunding campaign the default choice is a Facebook ad campaign.  Next runner up? Google Ads.  But Google Ads come in at a very distant second place.  The only way these crowdfunding marketing agencies make any money is on selling ads.  The dirty little secret is that all of this crowdfunding advertising is becoming less and less effective as consumers ramp up their efforts to eliminate ad tracking, blocking ads and taking other steps to protect their privacy.

The result? Targeted ads become the target and take a direct hit.

crowdfunding marketing malaise

Firefox is just one web browser giving users built-in privacy protection.

As ad tracking becomes more of the norm, the crowdfunding marketing malaise increases.  Advertisers will eventually need to lower their prices as they become less and less relevant in reaching target audiences.  Fortunately for Crowdfund Buzz, none of this has any impact at all on what we do.  We do public relations, not advertising. Everything we do is organic.  Every Tweet, every Facebook post.  That holds true for websites too.  We get our clients IN the news and the audience WANTS to learn more.

So when you look at all of your options on crowdfunding promotion, crowdfunding public relations beats crowdfunding marketing every time.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with mountains of evidence and proof of where your crowdfunding promotion dollars are best spent.