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Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore – Quite Possibly.

We’re raising the alarm on potential crowdfunding fraud from Singapore and we have good reasons for doing so.  Over the past two or so weeks we have noticed an inordinately large number of Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns launching from Singapore.  We’re not going to waste our resources on firm calculations or creating charts but anyone scanning new Kickstarters can’t help but notice that lots and lots of new projects are originating from Singapore.

Crowdfunding fraud from Singapore is an easy to understand accusation when one considers that the total population of this island state is 5.6 million.  Relative to the population of Singapore, more new Kickstarter campaigns are originating from Singapore than anywhere else on earth.

We’re not trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater here but we would be remiss as the eminent crowdfunding authority if we didn’t point this out.

While crowdfunding fraud happens all the time from all over the world, at the moment Singapore seems to be the most probable source.  There are just too many new crowdfunding campaigns originating from that small country.  As beautiful as it is and the people as nice as they are, we suspect that good news traveled fast in terms of Kickstarter as a source of easy, fast cash.

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore

The Kickstarters we’re seeing out of Singapore are interesting and many of them could definitely improve the quality of life assuming they are genuine.

Crowdfunding Fraud From Singapore is preventable as is every other kind of crowdfunding fraud.  Do your research.  Check and verify validity; does the crowdfunder have any verifiable experience? Is the premise of the crowdfunding campaign plausible? Do some Googling and find out if the campaign manager has a track record of any kind you can count on.  Before you put your money behind a Kickstarter from Singapore do your homework.