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Crowdfunding Consulting: Your Secret Weapon to Crowdfunding Success

Some crowdfunding campaigns are ready for launch with perfect crowdfunding project descriptions, vivid pictures and compelling videos and perfect perks all fueled by a powerful idea; either a cool new product or a worthy cause.

Most aren’t, though.

For many people, their first crowdfunding project is their first foray into creating a web presence.

When you create a crowdfunding campaign you’re in essence creating a webpage. A web page the whole world can see.

As first-timers, mistakes are made in the actual writing (what we professionals call “copywriting” or “ad copy” or just “copy” for short.)

Why do we use so many advertising-related terms? Because every crowdfunding campaign is trying to sell something. You’re selling either a consumer product or a concept. But you’re selling.

And every backer to a crowdfunding campaign who takes out their wallet and backs your crowdfunding campaign was sold.

To be a good crowdfunder is to be a good salesperson. A good salesperson knows that the visual presentation and the actual words used in a sales presentation can make all the difference in making the sale.

You know that your crowdfunding campaign is a sales presentation, don’t you?

If you have little or no background in sales, or even if you do and just want a second opinion by a seasoned crowdfunding professional, our crowdfunding consulting can make the difference in achieving a crowdfunding goal.

Time and time again we’ve helped crowdfunding beginners with powerful marketing tips, actual campaign re-writes (with copy-and-paste simplicity), public image improvement and perk improvements to make their crowdfunding perks more desirable to potential crowdfunding backers.

Too often we’ve identified many critical mistakes made in a crowdfunding campaign that holds that project back from being as successful as it can be. These crowdfunding mistakes are invisible to the novice crowdfunder but as clear as day to crowdfunding professionals like us.

When you take advantage of the services of a qualified crowdfunding consultant you’ll avoid all of these hidden crowdfunding traps and make your crowdfunding project the best it can be.

Crowdfund Buzz’s lead crowdfunding consultant Howard Sherman has studied under marketing legend Dan Kennedy and copy writing guru John Carlton as well master salesmen Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy on top of his two years of crowdfunding experience giving you access to some of the most powerful crowdfunding consulting available anywhere.

Our crowdfunding consulting services are available to clients who purchase our Consultant crowdfunding promotion packages.