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Crowdfunding Campaigns for Social Change

Epic OrphanCrowdfunding Campaigns Beyond Products, Services or Even Fundraising

How about a crowdfunding project to spread awareness of nuclear threats? Sounds boring – but it isn’t.  Not when you deliver the message through a compelling game coupled with rewards that hard to pass up. When y0u mix things up like that you end up with a first-of-its-kind Kickstarter called Epic Orphan.

For the record – this project earned Kickstarter’s coveted “Project We Love” status within one hour of launching.

With eye-catching digital art and a compelling soundtrack, this is a game with an intricate plot that’s more than fun – it’s mind expanding.

Of particular interest is that nobody is looking to make any serious amounts of money on the project.  The funding goal is modest with stretch goals in place to build a bigger, better game and then bring it to more platforms.  The ultimate outcome here is to raise awareness of a global problem that doesn’t end a nuclear weapon launch but extends to include stolen nuclear material, careless mistakes or terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities that could bring about environmental disaster.

Epic Orphan represents a fresh perspective on crowdfunding that we hope to see more of; crowdfunding campaigns that are creative, helpful and have a purpose beyond pure profit or other self-interest.   At first glance Epic Orphan looks like any crowdfunding project for a game; cool perks, cool game with the artwork of a graphic novel and good soundtrack, fair funding goal and stretch goals.

Don’t lose sight of the game’s subject matter; social change.  Sure the game’s fun.  Yes people are getting paid to develop and market it.  Of course the perks are attractive.  But all of that is secondary to what Epic Orphan is – an interactive entertaining experience to inform and educate as much as amuse.  Nobody should believe that Epic Orphan will solve the global nuclear problem but it could be considered one important step in that direction.