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Crowdfunding Campaign Success By The Numbers

This morning I woke up and ran to my office, barely able to contain my curiosity.

Was I rushing off to see which Christmas presents Santa left me?

No, not hardly. I was rushing off to check on a crowdfunding campaign that I had been tracking very closely. I knew the campaign’s deadline would occur while I was sleeping and I couldn’t wait to find out if it made it’s goal.

So did this crowdfunding project reach its goal? No it didn’t.


See for yourself right here.

There are two interesting facts that make this success story sweeter than usual:

1) The campaign manager hired us to promote her crowdfunding campaign with just five days left on her project.
2) The campaign had raised roughly $10,000 when she hired us.

That means her campaign raised an additional $18,000 in just five days when it had only raised $10,000 in the previous 30 days.  How is it possible to increase crowdfunding contributions by 180% in just five days or otherwise stated how does a crowdfunding campaign nearly double its results in just five days compared to the past thirty?

It’s a good question.  It’s THE question.

It felt so good to be able to help this crowdfunding campaign score the touchdown with just a few days left on the clock.

Because we were in a race against time we went into overdrive to help promote this crowdfunding campaign:

  • We spent over an hour with the client advising her on different ways she could change the campaign itself thanks to our crowdfunding consultant package coupled with some important revisions to the press release draft we wrote for her.
  • With the campaign adjusted and the press release launched to the newswires that same day coupled with immediate advertising of her crowdfunding campaign to our 25,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, tons of new people learned about her campaign in a matter of hours.
  • Because of the tight time frame we gave her triple the exposure to her crowdfunding campaign over the weekend and all this week right up until her crowdfunding campaign ended.

The key to crowdfunding success is to tell as many people about your crowdfunding project as you possibly can.

Webmasters (that is to say, people who operate and manage websites) will use the term eyeballs to describe this.  Any webmaster will tell you that the amount of sales they make is entirely dependent on how much traffic their website gets.  The more visitors their website gets, the more money they make.

When you launch a crowdfunding campaign you’re in essence launching a website and becoming a webmaster.  Your crowdfunding campaign is your website.  It’s a one page website, true, but it’s still a website.  The name of the game is to bring as many people as you possibly can to your crowdfunding project (think: website).

Webmasters don’t rely on a single source of traffic for their websites and neither should you.  Webmasters will engage several strategies to bring more people to their website including SEO, backlinking, article writing, blogging AND social media promotion.

While many of these methods won’t apply to promoting a crowdfunding campaign the concept easily translates; you need to engage as many DIFFERENT methods as you can to bring more people to your crowdfunding project.

CrowdFundBuzz.Com should definitely be one of the methods you deploy in advertising a crowdfunding project. We’ll generate awareness of your crowdfunding campaign to a really large amount of people really fast.

Other methods to promote your crowdfunding page include:

Networking.  Tell every single man, woman and child you know about your project.  That could be co-workers, neighbors, family, friends and just about anyone else you know with a heartbeat and a functioning brain.

Social Media.  Most of the world is on Facebook and nearly as many people are on Twitter.  Do you use LinkedIn? PInterest? Google+? Promote your campaign on every social media platform you use EVERY SINGLE DAY and let every one of your friends, followers, fans, connections, etc. know what you’re doing.

Blogging.  Can you be a guest blogger and write a brief article about the subject of your campaign? It would be excellent if you could.  If not, visit blogs that revolve around the topic of your campaign (for example – if you’re a musician seeking funding for your first studio album, hang out at blogs that fall into this category), read the different blog posts people make and then post your own comments to their blog posts.  Most blogs have a spot for your name, your email address and your website.  You’ll put your crowdfunding campaign URL in the website spot.  WARNING: Do not blatantly just leave a comment asking people to back your campaign.  You would just be leaving SPAM on the blog which will definitely annoy a lot of people and quite possibly get your post deleted which makes the entire activity a waste of your time.  Leave a meaningful comment relevant to the blog post.  It could even be just one or two lines long. People who like what you have to say and want to learn more about you might very well click on the website link you left — which takes them right to your crowdfunding campaign.  Get it? World famous salesman Brian Tracy calls this “The Law of Indirect Effort”.

Forums and Bulletin Boards.  Online discussion forums are an excellent place to find people with common interests to yours.  If you’re an author running a crowdfunding campaign to write, publish and promote your next book you would join and participate in every type of book-related forum and bulletin board you possibly can.  Please see the warning in the previous paragraph to make sure you’re not SPAMMING the bulletin board or discussion group.

When you deploy several crowdfunding strategies all at once your chances of getting your crowdfunding project successfully funded goes up exponentially.  Apply them all and pull out all the stops.  You need to go all the way if you want to achieve crowdfunding success.