Crowdfunding Public Relations That Builds Buzz Every Time.

Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion with a 100% Guarantee

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Unfortunately it’s not true.  Promoting a Crowdfunding Campaign is like any other form of advertising, promotion or public relations (PR for short).

In the world of advertising and promotion it’s assumed and understood and well established that any sort of advertising and promotion have no guarantees at all.


First because members of the media and news outlets of every kind (TV and radio stations, websites and blogs alike) ultimately decide which news items they’ll pick up and carry and which ones they’ll pass on. Guaranteeing media pickup and/or predicting how much press exposure a crowdfunding campaign will get is simply impossible.

Going further, advertisers and promoters of every kind (including us here at CrowdFundBuzz.Com) can’t predict the future, read the minds of the people reached and also can’t exert some sort of mind control to make them click on your link, buy your product or in our case become a backer in your crowdfunding project. More about that a little later in this article.

The Experts Agree: Results from Public Relations and Advertising Are Impossible to Guarantee.

First let’s refer to this excellent piece that appeared in Quora:

Should Public Relations agencies ever guarantee clients media coverage?

With twenty public relations experts chiming in there is a clear consensus: PR Agencies cannot and must not guarantee results. That’s because nobody can control the media or predict their reaction to any given press release or news item.

Here are a few highlights from the Quora article:

Rachel Kay: “With PR, you are at the mercy of the journalist, but the rewards can be very high. There is no possible way to make a guarantee.”

Glenn Batuyoung nailed it one sentence: “PR agencies should never guarantee media coverage because, frankly, the media covers whatever it finds important, not what is pitched.”

Barry Wanger’s comment was particularly striking: “The code of ethics of the Public Relations Society of America clearly prohibits such a guarantee.”

But wait there’s more.

“Remember: no reputable PR firm will ever “guarantee” results. The PR firm and you should mutually agree on the goals of the effort and then measure results against those goals. Be sure to look at the track record of the PR firm. Can the firm show you that it has orchestrated the kinds of PR accomplishments you desire. While there can be no guarantees that the PR firm can make the same great results happen for you, the fact is that a successful PR firm track record at least “guarantees” your company that if your PR goals are theoretically achievable then this particular PR firm stands an exceptional change to achieve those goals given its similarly successful performance for others in the past.” – Joe Hadzima, Senior Lecturer at MIT. Feel free to read the entire article: Don’t I Know You From Somewhere? The Price Of Fame.

From a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to 20 experienced PR professionals it’s clear; guaranteed results from public relations is impossible.

This concept is extended to include advertising. The advertiser can promise you a print date, precise ad layout and delivery to X number of people as represented by readership numbers in the case of the New York Times (for example) to the local ValPak coupon mailer or PennySaver magazine that guarantees 100% delivery to every home in a particular zip code.

But they can’t promise you how many customers you’ll get or how much money you’ll make.

Do advertising channels guarantee results? No, they can’t. How could they? Follow this example:

You just opened a new restaurant in town. You ordered an advertising package with ValPak to announce the grand opening of your new restaurant along with a coupon for a free glass of wine with every dinner purchased. ValPak dutifully produces your ad and mails it out to every address in town. You wait for the customers to come.

But they don’t. Not one single diner mentions your ad or brings in a coupon for their free glass of wine.

Did ValPak fail? Not at all. They did everything they were paid to do. You didn’t pay them to bring you a specified amount of customers or help you reach a particular sales goal. You paid them to advertise your restaurant. And they did.

This example translates beautifully and simply to advertising a crowdfunding campaign. We can promote a crowdfunding project to thousands upon thousands of people but have no way of knowing who will decide to back a crowdfunding campaign. Or how many of them. Or with how much money. Or why.

That’s back to our panel of PR and advertising experts above: Without control over a group of people or a process, a guarantee of any kind is impossible to make.

Like other PR firms and advertising agencies we can guarantee to do whatever we can to promote a crowdfunding campaign in every way we can to help you reach your crowdfunding goal. We can’t guarantee you’ll hit your goal but we guarantee to do our very best.