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Crowdfunding Advertising Fails

If you spent thousands of dollars on advertising a crowdfunding campaign and got only a tiny percentage of the funds you needed how would you feel?

Let’s ask Staples (the largest office supply and school supply retailer in the United States), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (yes, THAT Bill Gates of Microsoft fame) and just for good measure The Entertainment Industry Foundation. The Entertainment Industry Foundation might not be as recognizable a name as the others but you know some of their biggest donors including Major League Baseball, MasterCard and Revlon among many others. Oh in case you need a little more name recognition, Nick Jonas is their official ambassador.

So what happens when titans of industry, technology, entertainment and finance get together to launch a crowdfunding advertising campaign? You get just ONE beautiful full page ad in the December 5-6, 2015 edition of The Wall Street Journal that cost just about $350,000 and reached roughly 1.5 million people. Take a look at this epic crowdfunding promotion:

Above the Fold

Above the Fold

Bottom of the Fold

Bottom of the Fold

Can you imagine what this epic full page advertisement published in one of the most influential newspapers in North America delivered in terms of donations?

Practically ZERO.

Go surf Think It Up for yourself and check out all of the different projects seeking crowdfunding. I spot checked 20 or so campaigns across several screens of listings and did some simple, casual math…

… If all of the organizations represented in the Wall Street Journal ad above simply skipped the pricey ad and fully funded each and every campaign listed on Think It Up instead, they’d have roughly $300,000 in change left over for other worthy endeavors.

The moral of the story: Promoting a crowdfunding campaign doesn’t need to cost a whole lot of money and could yield far better results. That’s the driving philosophy behind Crowdfund Buzz since Matt Cooke, our founder, launched our crowdfunding advertising company over three years ago. And that’s what we deliver in terms of crowdfunding advertising for our clients every day; fantastic crowdfunding campaign promotion at very fair prices.