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Advertising a Crowdfunding Campaign? Ad Blockers Are Running Interference.

I fought off temptation to make this crowdfunding article nothing more than a list of links to articles about ad blockers and how they changed the game in Internet advertising. By extension this has a direct impact on anyone engaging in crowdfunding marketing. Thinking better of it, I’m happy to write this article and bring down doom and despair on a number of crowdfunding marketing agencies since practically everything these “digital agencies” do is sell crowdfunding advertising at inflated prices. VERY inflated prices.

My sense of responsibility as a crowdfunding professional demands that I connect the dots for crowdfunders who are often naive and almost always lacking in knowledge of the inner game of promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

As Facebook and Google collectively rake in billions upon billions of dollars month after month in advertising revenue, you’d think that executives at either of these Internet titans live a charmed life of golf, Gulfstreams and a golden future free from worry… right?


In recent days I’ve discovered something that is scaring Mark Zuckerberg and Sunder Pichai to death.

What could possibly cause the CEOs of Facebook and Google (respectively) to shake in their shoes and have fear for the future?

And the vaunted New York Times too?

Ad Blockers.

As Facebook and Google and so many other companies in the business of selling advertising see it, ad blockers are a scourge taking over the Internet threatening the very structure and integrity of the Internet itself.

For most ordinary people, ad blockers are a gift from G-d Himself.

For anyone considering paying for Facebook ads or Google ads or any other kind of crowdfunding advertising where you spend money on clicks or impressions, the advent of ad blockers makes this a VERY risky proposition.

That’s because ad blockers intercept web advertising of any and every kind before they’re ever seen. Including crowdfunding advertising.

And everyone even remotely connected to selling advertising is rightfully and understandably afraid.

The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper of record for the business world around the world just published this article covering the strategic move made by the New York Times to make up for the advertising income they’re losing due to ad blockers.

The Wall Street Journal has covered the rise in ad blocking quite a lot so feel free to read all about this topic at WSJ.Com.

This article published from the vaunted halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tells the tale in its title: The End of Internet Advertising as We’ve Known It

Here’s a startling fact from the article: “…the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism reported that 47 percent of people surveyed in the United States regularly use ad-blocking software….”

Some of the smartest technologists have ties to MIT in one form or another so one cannot pretend that what MIT has published is anything except serious.

As two titans of the Internet world are gripped in fear another colossus in the computing world, IBM, confirms the cause for alarm in the same article:

“…even what IBM and Aberdeen call “Best-in-Class” marketing, generated by surveillance, gets less than 10 percent of customers to respond…”

It should be noted that the author of this piece – Doc Searls – has deep, long-standing ties to Harvard as well. In other words, this article has DNA from both MIT and Harvard so if you shrug it off you do so at your own peril.

[ Forewarning — I’m presenting a lot for you to read. If you want to save potentially thousands and thousands of dollars in crowdfunding advertising you need to read everything — this article and every link in this article to every other article. Yes. All of it.]

Let’s bring in some more quotes so you understand how crowdfunding advertising – that is to say – paying for advertising to promote a crowdfunding project – is becoming less and less effective on a daily basis.

Here’s the biggest soundbite from this article – The Biggest Fear of Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Is Revealed:

In regards to Ad blockers, Google Ads SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy says ,”In my mind, it’s a very blunt instrument. And that’s why we need to be worried.”

Make a note of that. Google is worried about ad blockers.

While you’re reading that article word-for-word make sure you carefully analyze the chart showing how ad blocking software is increasing in use month over month. In other words, every single day more and more people are blocking Internet ads.

That means that more and more people – every day – are less and less likely to ever see any crowdfunding advertising.

If you’re thinking about spending your money on crowdfunding advertising via Facebook ads or Google ads you should start feeling a little worried. The best and brightest at Facebook and Google certainly are. Let’s keep going and take an even deeper dive….

This article (“Facebook admits that it’s worried about ad blockers”) directly references the core of Facebook’s financial worry right from Facebook’s own financial reports…

“Technologies have been developed, and will likely continue to be developed, that can block the display of our ads, particularly advertising displayed on personal computers. We generate substantially all of our revenue from advertising, including revenue resulting from the display of ads on personal computers. Revenue generated from the display of ads on personal computers has been impacted by these technologies from time to time. As a result, these technologies have had an adverse effect on our financial results and, if such technologies continue to proliferate, in particular with respect to mobile platforms, our future financial results may be harmed.

Translation: Anybody using an ad blocker doesn’t see our Facebook ads and if enough people use ad blockers we’ll start losing revenue.

Make a note of that too. Facebook is worried about ad blockers also.

Read the entire article to cultivate a fuller, finer appreciation of just how deep an impact ad blocking software is having in the Internet advertising world — which naturally includes crowdfunding advertising.

Then read this Wall Street Journal article as well: Ad-Blocking Software Will Cost the Ad Industry $22 Billion This Year

Anybody selling Internet advertising should be worried when billions of dollars are lost thanks to a problem that can’t be solved. Panic should start setting in as the depth of the problem sinks in; an increasing number of billions will be lost year after year.

Let’s put the crowdfunding marketing problem in perspective using the most popular ad blocking software we know of: Ad Blocker Plus.

According to their website, Ad Blocker Plus has been downloaded over 300 million times. Turning to UN statistics compiled in 2015, roughly 3 billion people on earth use the Internet. So Ad Blocker Plus is making sure that more than 10% of the world population doesn’t see ads all by itself.

Now factor in that Apple has provided ad blocking features built-in to all of its iOS operating systems – that’s 1 billion iOS devices – meaning there are an additional 1 billion people on earth that can block ads with a few finger flicks. (Source: The Verge)

Do the math.

By now it should be obvious even to an offline Eskimo that advertising a crowdfunding campaign via paid ads is becoming less and less effective with each passing day.

So if you’re considering a “digital agency” for crowdfunding advertising you really have no way of knowing how much of your $5,000, $10,000 or even $15,000 initial purchase of crowdfunding promotion services will be effective. Truly, there’s no way you can know how much money you’ll be wasting on paying for ads that fewer and fewer people are even able to see.

Obviously, you need to adopt this logic if you decide to take a do-it-yourself approach to using Facebook ads or Google ads to promote a crowdfunding campaign without hiring an agency.

Since Google is worried and Facebook is worried and both freely admit they have no solution to this, there’s no possible way a crowdfunding marketing agency can have a solution either. I’ll bet they’re scared to death of ad blockers too and quietly hope and pray that their clients and potential clients never catch on. Otherwise, they’ll start losing a lot of money too and eventually be driven out of business.

Naturally, I’m going to see to it that as many people as possible know all about this new development in crowdfunding marketing so I can save crowdfunders a lot of money in helping them achieve crowdfunding success

It’s not a stretch to say that ad blockers have introduced a “hidden tax” when it comes to crowdfunding advertising.

Putting aside all of the money you could be wasting on ineffective crowdfunding marketing, there is an ever-increasing probability that your campaign could fail with paid crowdfunding advertising. Why? Fewer and fewer people are seeing advertisements which equates to fewer and fewer potential backers for your project.

So how DO you promote a crowdfunding campaign effectively without risking thousands of dollars in wasted advertising dollars?

Easy answer. You hire Crowdfund Buzz.

That’s because we don’t engage in crowdfunding advertising in the conventional sense of paying for X number of clicks or impressions at Y price on behalf of our clients. Everything we do is organic.

That means that every Facebook post we make to promote a crowdfunding project or every Tweet on behalf of crowdfunding promotion is pure and not purchased. Ad blockers can’t block what we do with social media promotion since paid advertising never enters the equation. That holds true for all of our LinkedIn and Google+ posts and every single entry on Instagram.

On the web side of crowdfunding promotion, our crowdfunding public relations services sidesteps the whole advertising problem because every crowdfunding press release, feature article, product review or interview published is integral TO the website, not an ad ON the website.

In short, we share news and start natural crowdfunding conversations and let the world take it from there without any ad blockers or interference getting in the way.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; dollar for dollar Crowdfund Buzz delivers the most cost-effective crowdfunding promotion possible. And I proved it again too.