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Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame Part 2

Paying for Crowdfunding Marketing? Ad Fraud Could Rob You Blind.

After just reading this in the Wall Street Journal: Microsoft and Google Browsers Had High Ad Fraud Rate, Study Claims I was inspired to publish a follow up piece to Crowdfunding Advertising – Endgame.

Read part 1 first then keep on reading.

In part 1 I described ad blockers as a “hidden tax” when it comes to crowdfunding marketing. Now there are TWO hidden taxes; ad blockers AND ad fraud.

This quote from the Wall Street Journal article deserves your complete and undivided attention: “Some 50% of impressions served to Internet Explorer over the course of the study were to “non-human” traffic, FraudLogix said, compared with 20.5% of impressions served to Google’s Chrome browser.”

Do you want to throw away anywhere between 20% to 50% of your money on ads that a human never sees?

Here’s another stunning quote:“A recent study by the Association of National Advertisers estimated that advertisers could waste $7 billion this year on ads no people will ever see.”

You need to make sure that YOUR money is not mixed in with that wasted $7 billion.

How? Don’t risk a DOLLAR of your money on advertising a crowdfunding project.

Still not convinced? Read this article too: The Ad Industry’s Focus on Fraud Has Intensified

Between ad blockers and ad fraud you should eliminate paid advertising from your crowdfunding promotion strategy. Period.

With paying for advertising out of the picture, how do you go about promoting a crowdfunding campaign?

You sign up with us.

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On the other side of the coin, our crowdfunding public relations services sidesteps the whole advertising problem because every crowdfunding press release, blog interview, feature article and everything else is integral TO the website, not an ad ON the website. No ad blockers can stop our content from being displayed and bots are irrelevant.

We start natural crowdfunding conversations and let the world take it from there. Bots or ad blockers are never even in the equation.