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How to Create an Effective Crowdfunding Pitch

Crowdfunding is a time-tested method of raising funds for a startup venture. It is common practice for crowdfunding project owners to offer lucrative rewards and perks to attract backers as well as investors. However, a well made pitch probably makes the most impact as far as reaching the funding target is concerned. While crafting a pitch for a crowdfunding campaign, it is essential that a number of factors are taken into consideration.

First, create an attention grabbing introduction for the campaign. It has been observed that potential investors only spend time to go through a crowdfunding project if the opening is solid. (FYI – the opening is often called the headline – the first one or two lines that invites a call to action.) The tone of the introduction must be upbeat instead of just presenting a boring description of the project. Tell a story that engages your crowdfunding audience and gives them plenty of reasons to care about your venture. In the introductory part of the pitch, it is important for you to build credibility for yourself and your new venture. It is also a good idea to use humor or creativity to make your pitch an interesting one.

Always remember that a large segment of potential contributors make their decision based on your or your company’s vision and crowdfunding requirements. Clearly state your crowdfunding goals and the usefulness of your product/service. Apart from these, backers are also interested to know about specific details relating to your company and the present project. They are particularly keen to know how you plan to achieve your funding goal and how your project will add value to people’s lives or society at large. Also, all your potential backers would want to know how their donations will be spent. Therefore, do not forget to mention this at least once in your pitch with as much detail as possible.

In many instances, we tend to make the mistake of assuming our audience to be well aware of our field. It is much more effective to provide a detailed overview of the project instead of using too much technical jargon or buzz words. As an example, a crowdfunding pitch for an iOS app manufacturing project must explain the benefits of the product instead of discussing its technical aspects in detail.

After hearing an interesting crowsfunding pitch, many of your potential backers will want to know more about your business. Make use of images and video as well as text to let them know more about your venture. Proper use of images, sketches, etc. can also make your pitch more attractive.

Finally, the amount of interest generated by your pitch will depend a great deal on your personality. No one likes to hear or see a bland script read by a dull speaker. Your personality can easily make all the difference by making your pitch stand out. Your passion for the startup venture must get reflected throughout the pitch.

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