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How to Create a Crowdfunding Video That’s World Class.

The importance of a high quality video is known to anyone looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign. A well made video can go a long way in selling a crowdfunding campaign to potential backers. It has been observed that the probability of success of a crowdfunding campaign is increased by almost fifty percent by adding video. However, crowdfunders need to bear in mind a few key points when shooting a crowdfunding pitch video. A huge production budget, being a technical geek or a Hollywood special effects expert are not required create a top notch video for your crowdfunding project. In fact, all you need is a good Smartphone in order to get started.

High quality video shooting using an Android or iPhone is a viable option if you don’t own HD-quality camera equipment and can’t afford a professional video production company. How would this work?

First you must use a tripod and be very particular about audio clarity. Proper lighting is another key requirement. Optimum results can only be achieved by recording a video outdoor or in a room that is well lit. Shoot a short video clip to gauge the lighting levels for where you plan to shoot your video. To ensure audio clarity, use a clip-on microphone that can be plugged into your Smartphone. Avoid relying on the phone’s in built audio system because that may create hollow sound whenever you’are too far from the phone. Keep your phone at a distance that fits the frames you’re looking for and be sure to speak clearly and loudly. Again, create a short video sample and check the sound quality.

While you may not be heading to Hollywood to shoot your next blockbuster film, a script is important. Write up a script that captures all of your thoughts and conveys to your crowdfunding audience everything you want them to know. Like a good news article, your script must cover five Ws (what, why, who, when, and where) relating to your project. Read the script aloud several times and keep revising until it sounds perfect. Now, start practicing and try your best to sound natural during the final video shoot.

In your video, don’t spend too much time talking about your rewards. Talk about the product or service, the evolution of it from idea to prototype to ready for market. Always remember that your potential backers will be more interested in what you’re seeking crowdfunding for than the crowdfunding perks they’ll get. The crowdfunding perks you’re offering will flow naturally from the core concept of the crowdfunding project itself. That said, just tell your crowdfunding audience about two or three of your best rewards and mention that the entire list can be seen over to the right hand side of the screen.

The length of the video is extremely important. Ideally, your video should not be more than four minutes long. With a longer video, viewer interest wanes and audience attention drops off minute by minute. We’ve seen crowdfunding pitch videos stretch into 20 minutes and, what was worse, was very dry and boring. Almost no one watched the entire video. Some videos we’ve seen stretched into 7-8 minutes but with very good reasons and had compelling content at every second. Time has proven that the sweet spot of crowdfunding video length is between 3-4 minutes. That’s because the objective of your video is to get people excited about your project in the shortest amount of time possible. Crowdfunding videos should be short, smart, and to the point.

In many crowdfunding videos, the campaign creators don’t ask for funding support from their potential backers. Inexperienced salesmen make the same mistake and you shouldn’t. A novice salesman quickly learns that if you don’t ask for the order you don’t make the sale. Don’t make this mistake yourself; be specific about your funding requirement, ask people to back your project by choosing your words very carefully and speak to your audience with warmth, sincerity and authenticity in your approach.

Before getting started, you should do your homework. Invest some of your time researching successful crowdfunding campaigns and watch their videos. The best place we can think of to do this research is our crowdfunding success stories page.