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Coronavirus Investment Guide

Coronavirus Investment Guide

Coronavirus Investment Guide – Where To Put Your Money Now.

March Madness isn’t just about basketball anymore.  A coronavirus investment guide has become necessary in light of the stock market cratering in historic ways last week.  Investors seeking safe havens are coming up short; gold is down and so is Bitcoin. Putting money in treasury bonds or any savings account means daily losses.

How can you lose money in treasury bonds or a simple savings account? Do the easy math: if the yield is lower than 2.5 % (the current rate of inflation) you’re losing money every day.

If you were expecting one of those “Top 10 places to…” or “The 5 best ways to…” articles you’re not going get to that here. Serious consideration and equally serious calculations must be performed along with due diligence.

Coronavirus Investment Guide

A coronavirus investment guide – or any investment guide – can’t be a static list of investments.  Investment ideas of any kind under any market conditions need to be fluid and adaptive; a flexible flow of investment possibilities that are in tune with the times.

One of the new buzzwords baked into any coronavirus investment guide or advice are “stay at home stocks”.  That’s a catchy term with sound reasoning; stocks like Clorox, Netflix Peloton and Zoom.  These companies deliver conscious-clearing clean, entertainment, exercise and productivity respectively.

The thing is, you and me are not the only two intelligent people in the world.  Expect to see these stocks – and those in similar verticals – skyrocket in price in the short term.  In keeping with Newtonian physics – what goes up must come down.  Sometimes crashing hard.  Just as we saw last week.

So what’s a viable alternative?

Equity crowdfunding.

For the most part, equity crowdfunding investment opportunities are “stay at home” choices for investment dollars.  Rather than run with a fixed list of items and call it a day as a “coronavirus investment guide.” follow us on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned daily for what could be the next big thing or best bet for investors’ dollars.