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Copywriting Guidelines to Create an Attention-Grabbing Crowdfunding Pitch.

Regardless of which crowdfunding platform you decide to use, a compelling pitch is of extreme importance. Your likelihood of achieving a crowdfunding goal can be enhanced to a great extent by creating a pitch that stands out from the hundreds of campaigns that are launched every day. However, writing such a pitch is certainly easier said than done. In this post, we woill share certain copywriting tips to help you write a killer pitch for your crowdfunding campaign.

As most of you already know, the headline of a crowdfunding pitch makes a serious difference in deciding the fortune of the project. Appropriate use of a crowdfunding headline makes it much easier for potential crowdfunding backers to scan the entire crowdfunding project and sections that are useful or interesting to them. Without an eye-catching and descriptive title, your project pitch may sound more like a long essay which will more than likely lead a potential crowdfunder to click away from your crowdfunding campaign.

While writing your pitch, keep your paragraphs short and to the point. The best approach would be to cover your primary point within the first sentence of each of the paragraphs. You may elaborate on this point in the next few sentences. It is always better to start a new paragraph while starting a new point or topic.

Links and words in bold and italics can very easily attract the attention of the readers. Therefore, make the most of these tools to convey the emotion and tone of your pitch. As already mentioned, long descriptions may turn people off from the point you are trying to make. If you need to provide a detailed description of your project, do not forget to make it interesting for the readers by adding illustrations and images relevant to the project.

It is true that a professional tone of writing is preferred by many, but it always pays to maintain a personalized and conversational tone while writing a crowdfunding pitch. The copywriting of your crowdfunding campaign should be written as though you are talking directly a potential crowdfunder one-on-one, as if at a bar or a cafe with just you talking to your singular audience.

0A passionate writing style fosters empathy and connects more efficiently to your potential backers. Therefore, don’t hesitate to show your passion for the venture through your writing style.

Many crowdfunding pitches suffer from frequent use of words such as mine, me, the, I, etc. Instead of following this style, try to focus on your backers by telling them how your project can be a life changer for them. Also, explain why financial support is so important for your project to succeed. Then come back to the benefits your crowdfunding backers will enjoy if you reach your crowdfunding target.

Always remember that, as a crowdfunding project owner, your aim is not to foster a transaction that merely involves the transfer of funds between two parties. Instead, use language that helps you build a community around your crowdfunding project which will help accelerate your momentum in achieving, or even exceeding, your target.

After you have completed writing your crowdfunding pitch, read it out loud to yourself. The best pitches are the ones that have a conversational tone throughout. Make necessary changes if your pitch comes up short in this area.

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