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The Convergence of Crowdfunding & ICOs

Crowdfunding & ICOs are becoming the one-two punch of raising capital.

Crowdfunding and Cryptocurrency Converge

Bitcoin is all ablaze hitting an all time high of $7,000+ today while making a path for crowdfunding & ICOs activities as part of a larger strategy in generating startup capital. Cryptocurrencies are disrupting global finance in much the same crowdfunding campaigns did when they emerged just a few years ago as an alternative to conventional business financing. Even Amazon is taking an interest in cryptocurrency.

Now crowdfunding & ICOs are being deployed in tandem by entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital. Recently, two clients of ours signed on with this strategy in mind. Here’s how we’re guiding them to success:

Step 1: Plan, build and launch a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding success provides proof of concept and immediate working capital leading to…

Step 2: Launch an ICO and raise possibly insane amounts of money via an Initial Coin Offering which provides the company all the funds it could ever need.

Increasingly this blended approach of melding crowdfunding & ICOs is becoming the way forward to startup financing that, as we see it, could totally sidestep equity crowdfunding in the main and render equity crowdfunding as we know it as irrelevant. That’s blockchain technology at work as it circumvents established currency standards in any given country. China has clamped down, yes, but that didn’t stop bitcoin from exploding to record highs on an almost daily basis.

Technology legend John McAfee is betting big on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the next evolutionary step in the world of finance and with good reason…

Now with CME making cryptocurrency more mainstream through their recent announcement the foundation for blockchain-based cryptocurrency is set in stone. The smarter entrepreneur can read the tea leaves and clearly see that crowdfunding & ICOs fit together perfectly in making it possible to move lots of product and raises tons of capital totally sidestepping the old school methods that never worked well to begin with and are even less capable now than ever before.

Crowdfund Buzz is proud to be a pioneer in the convergence of crowdfunding & ICOs as we guide our clients through a proven path of public relations success that builds not only brands but the businesses behind them through crowdfunding promotion, ICO public relations and beyond…. on to the world stage of global finance.