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Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion – The Dirty Little Secret

cheap crowdfunding promotion

Cheap crowdfunding promotion is like a unicorn. Too many crowdfunders are searching for cheap crowdfunding promotion and they’re wasting their time. How do we know? We tried a crowdfunding market experiment over the past two months in which we did not publish pricing for crowdfunding promotion but, instead, had open discussions with crowdfunders to learn their needs and their budgets to put together a custom-tailored crowdfunding public relations program to fit the needs and the wallets of crowdfunders.

What we discovered was astonishing. Not only were a lot of people looking for cheap crowdfunding promotion, many of them didn’t want to pay a penny upfront for crowdfunding marketing. They wanted FREE crowdfunding promotion. In other words we were supposed to roll out a high-powered crowdfunding promotion campaign at no charge in exchange for a percentage of whatever they raised IF they actually collected any money at all.

Some of them freely admitted they had ZERO dollars set aside for crowdfunding advertising while others said they just didn’t want to spend any money on crowdfunding advertising. For those few people that confirmed they had a few dollars to spend ($100, $200, etc.) they never actually stepped up and spent a dollar on crowdfunding marketing.

Of course we decline their offer and these crowdfunders go on their merry way down the path of failure. Along the way we’d email them and call them following up as we watch their crowdfunding campaigns go nowhere. We ask them to reconsider their decision and hire us to drive armies of potential backers to their campaign. Most of the time our emails are ignored and our phone calls are not returned. On the rare occasions we actually get a response the answer is more or less “No thanks.”

Can you guess what happened next? You guessed it. Crowdfunding failure. Every. Single. Time.

I can call out hundreds of campaigns that failed this way. I can shame a lot of people.

Too many people discover too late that cheap crowdfunding promotion is never the way to go. Ditto for free crowdfunding advertising. Nobody serious in the crowdfunding PR business will ever work “on spec” – that is to say to work on speculation the campaign MIGHT succeed as all kinds of money, time and other resources are devoted to a crowdfunding campaign that might go nowhere at no fault to anybody.

If you look at Kickstarter statistics as of today you will see the failure rate of Kickstarter projects is 65%. This article in Entrepreneur documents much the same thing — across five different crowdfunding platforms.

While there are certainly a number of factors behind such a high failure rate you can be sure that one of the biggest ones is that the failed crowdfunding campaign never got noticed. Not nearly enough people learned about which means that it never had a chance to attract enough backers to succeed.

While the Entrepreneur article takes a deep dive with crowdfunding statistics in terms of number of backers, average dollars pledged, etc. the takeaway from the article is in the final paragraph: “Don’t depend on a small number of donors to lay down the big bucks to get your campaign to the finish line. Instead, spread the word of your crowdfunding campaign far and wide.”

Spreading the word far and wide is impossible with cheap crowdfunding promotion. It’s even more impossible with any attempt at free crowdfunding advertising.

If you want to promote a crowdfunding promotion at a modest fee then sign up with us. For just $499 we will spread news of your campaign to an audience of 35 million Americans. If you do the math that works out to less than a penny per person. In some sense you could consider our Plus plan cheap crowdfunding promotion! On top of that we’ll do everything we can to get your campaign to go viral with social media. Let’s get started.