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Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion – It Doesn’t Work

Cheap crowdfunding promotion hearkens back to that old cliche – you get what you pay for.

Check out this tweet we got back in December which only got its first serious recognition today…

Nobody should be surprised to learn this sad attempt at cheap crowdfunding promotion ended up as an epic fail…

Cheap Crowdfunding Promotion

It may be more accurate to say he wanted free crowdfunding promotion. As you can see in the tweet above, we invited the Tweeter to start a conversation about hiring us but he never contacted us.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; when you’re planning your campaign – equity or reward, StartEngine or Kickstarter – a crowdfunding marketing budget needs to be included in your plans.

How much should this budget be? How do you avoid cheap crowdfunding promotion syndrome? There’s no one right answer.  I would definitely have enough set aside for two or three different methods of crowdfunding advertising.  Some campaigns go “full throttle” hire us for crowdfunding PR to work in parallel with their Facebook ads and their Google display ads.  This saturation method is perhaps the most effective because nobody where somebody goes online, you’re in front of them.  This definitely isn’t cheap crowdfunding promotion.

This also might be unnecessary.  Many crowdfunders report that advertising a crowdfunding campaign with Facebook ads turns out to be a waste of money.  More often than not, our crowdfunding public relations is all they need.  Think about it; if we get you featured on a popular website, booked as a guest on a radio show or as a TV show guest, you’re pitching your crowdfunding promotion to a massive audience with the authority you automatically get when the media recognizes you.