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Cheap Crowdfunding Advertising For a Fiver

Cheap crowdfunding advertising is real, right? WRONG!

A fiver is a common slang term meaning either 5 dollars, 5 euros, 5 British pounds, etc.

What does a fiver buy you these days?

A bottle of beer? Yes
A fast food value meal? Yes
A fancy drink at Starbucks? Yes
Effective crowdfunding promotion? No

On a recently closed free crowdfunding promotion group on Facebook (the one I recently blogged about), one such person offering to promote a crowdfunding campaign for $5 made many posts.

As I pointed out in that blog article, free crowdfunding advertising avenues are actually dead end streets.

Cheap crowdfunding promotion is a road to nowhere too.

Check out what you get for a fiver:

Free Crowdfunding Promotion

Cheap Crowdfunding Advertising

You get someone making one post for you one time on a free crowdfunding advertising group on Facebook. The result? You wasted $5 on a post you could have made yourself for free that was totally ineffective.

The moral of the story? Save your money. Low cost crowdfunding promotion just can’t get the job done. For lots of different reasons. So when you see crowdfunding promotion websites advertising services for $5 or $50, etc. just pass them by and save your money.

Effective crowdfunding promotion costs real money and takes real time. We’ve spent four years building and expanding our social media presence and our press release writers have years of experience crafting the perfect crowdfunding press release. A whole team of experienced crowdfunding professionals is what drives our company and brings results. Seasoned experts in any chosen field – law, medicine, engineering, public relations, you name it — don’t come cheap.

If you’re serious about crowdfunding success then have a budget for crowdfunding professionals to help you with crowdfunding promotion and even crowdfunding consulting if you need it. Don’t take shortcuts and don’t think for a moment that cheap crowdfunding advertising works. As we’ve proven on this blog time and time again – it doesn’t.