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CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide

CES Survival Guide – A Public Service from the World’s #1 Crowdfunding PR Firm

A CES Survival Guide concerning crowdfunding has been attempted by others with epic fails.  Here’s the REAL DEAL when it comes to a CES survival guide written by a Las Vegas local AND CES veteran.

Best CES Survival Guide Tips

1. Make Your Travel Plans As Far in Advance as Possible.

This article was written and published during CES 2019.  Even so, CES 2020 and 2021 and 2022 dates are already published.  This gives you the edge on your travel and accommodations.

The epicenter of CES where crowdfunding is concerned is Eureka Park at CES Tech West.  Now and in future make hotel reservations at The Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Treasure Island or Mirage for superior accommodations closest to the action. This is the best CES Survival Guide tip right here. Per-night room rates will be the highest but YOU ARE THERE.  If you are further away you could drop as much as $25 for an Uber or Lyft PLUS the time-wasting traffic hassles.  Case in point: It took me ONE HOUR to travel 8 miles by car to The Venetian.

Beyond convenience, EVERY hotel room in Las Vegas doubles or even triples their rates during CES.  Even the fleabag motels. If you’re going to pay top dollar then pay top dollar for a posh room in a superior resort within walking distance of the best of CES.

After you made your hotel reservations you should immediately make restaurant reservations to any dining spots that tickle your fancy.  Your chances of getting seated at any superior restaurant in Las Vegas are virtually nil during CES.  You can always fall back on food court food but who the hell wants to do that if given a choice?

While we’re on the topic of planning ahead; book your airline tickets as far in advance as possible for the lowest possible airfare. This free CES survival guide already paid for itself.

2. Don’t Push Yourself.

CES is massive and simply put any single person is physically incapable of seeing it all.  If you’re part of a team the best CES survival guide tip is to divide and conquer.  Assign team members to different sectors of CES and report back either instantly – if something really epic is discovered – or at the end of the day over dinner so team mates can compare notes and discuss next-day strategies.

You should wear comfortable loose clothing and VERY comfortable footwear.  You will be walking almost non-stop for days on end.

3.  If You’re Going to Gamble – Gamble Smart.

With nearly 180,000 people flooding Las Vegas for a few days, you can bet that 90% or more of them don’t know shit about gambling.  Having schmoozed and networked at blackjack tables for years let me tell you there is no easier way to lose more money faster than you can ever imagine than by gambling with neophytes, novices and/or knuckleheads.

Here are some quick gambling tips:

1) Have a daily budget and do NOT exceed it.  If you lose your daily budget DO NOT chase your losses.

2) Establish comfortable parameters; If you win X then walk away smiling. If you lose Y then cut your losses, go back to your room and watch TV.

3) Play with smart players and follow their advice to the letter.  They will be happy to help you because helping YOU is helping THEM.

4) Play at the highest minimum-bet tables you can afford.  A higher minimum bet is something of a moron filter.  Self-absorbed idiots will giggle at each $10 or $15 bet they play with little concern to the outcome but will take any given game far more seriously if the minimum bet is $25, $50, etc.

CES Survival Guide

Best place for gambling on the Las Vegas Strip – The Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pit.

4. Burn Your Business Cards and Use a Business Card App.

There’s no easier way to dismiss someone than through the false hope of asking for or accepting their business card.  Use a business card app on your phone to SEND them your business card.  Result? You’re building a new contact list with every business card you send with your phone. Who says a CES survival guide can’t have an element of evil genius?

5. He Who Travels Light Travels Best.

Just pack the essentials and don’t fret over getting fancy.  If you like a certain shirt or pair of slacks sure pack them but don’t sweat the small stuff.  Las Vegas is a shopping epicenter so anything you may have skipped packing can be purchased in a matter of minutes.

6. Marijuana – Just Say No.

We advise you to adopt the Nancy Reagan approach: Just say no.  Putting aside ideology, you can’t take pot with you on your outbound flight back to home, you can’t smoke it on the floors of CES or in any hotel or casino – not even your own hotel room. For these reasons alone just say no.  I know you’re hearing continuous commercials on every radio station in Las Vegas – IGNORE THEM.  They’re on a mission to sell you their products.

7. What Happens in Vegas…

Las Vegas prohibits prostitution.   So if you meet a hot person one night and start chatting pay close attention.  When engaging in the usual small talk and you ask “So what do you do?” and the answer is something like “I sell ass.” just walk away.  The Clark County Detention Center is not where you want to end up during CES.

If you feel this is the most epic CES survival guide please say so! If you feel we should improve these guidelines please say so!

If you want a personal advisor at your side during every moment of CES please let us know.  We can arrange it via knowledgeable, capable Las Vegas locals.  Added bonus?  Public relations crisis control if necessary.