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PieShell shuts piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole

PieShell Shuts Piehole – A Teachable Moment for Crowdfunding Platforms With my tenure at CrowdFund Buzz approaching six years I’ve seen crowdfunding platforms come and go.  Scrolling through this blog year by year you’ll be sifting through a cemetery of dead platforms.  All of them launched with lofty goals and new visions for crowdfunding and […]

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever

Best Crowdfunding Success Tip Ever – A Surprising “Secret” The best crowdfunding success ever tip – as with so many things in crowdfunding – should automatically occur to anyone with common sense.  Sadly, as with so many things in crowdfunding, common sense is curiously absent. So what is the best crowdfunding success tip ever? Maintain […]

The Most Critical Phase to Insure a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

There are many factors that spell success or mean certain death for a crowdfunding campaign. In several instances we’ve noticed that one stage in particular plays a pivotal part in the end result of the crowdfunding campaign. There is no denying the fact that the entire duration of the project is extremely important for project […]